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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected by the Full Wolf Moon of January 2022

So many good things await you in 2022, but you may have to save the excitement for later. Once 2022 begins, romantic Venus will be already retrograding, deepening your fears of intimacy and abandonment until this retrograde ends on January 29.

As if that weren’t complicated enough, detail-oriented Mercury will also be retrograding on January 14, forcing you to clear up past misunderstandings. This astrology is no picnic, but if you’re one of the zodiac signs that will be least affected by the January 2022 Full Moon, you might have one less thing to worry about.

Full Moons are always an intense and unpredictable experience. Emotions run high, conflicts increase, and the need for change becomes more urgent. The first Full Moon of 2022 packs a punch, but if you’re a fixed sign, it can come and go without leaving too much debris behind.

Although fixed signs are hitting “snooze” on this Full Moon, that doesn’t mean they won’t feel it at all. This Full Moon (aka Wolf Moon), which rises on January 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET, takes place in Cancer, the zodiac sign of the Moon.

A Full Moon in sensitive Cancer is always an emotional experience, but this Full Moon is next level. As this Full Moon opposes passionate and piercing Pluto, it will test your limits and force you to conquer your worst instincts.

While the upcoming Full Moon may not have a major impact on these zodiac signs, it still sends them a powerful message. Here’s what they can get out of it:



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TaurusYou learn how to communicate more effectively. Lately, you may be seeing things from a more general perspective. Sweeping statements might make the world less complicated, but they come at the cost of more nuanced details.

This Full Moon encourages you to ask yourself questions about what’s not in the equation. If you communicate, you might find the puzzle pieces you were missing and uncover an even clearer picture.





LeoYou look within and check-in with yourself. You may feel slightly disconnected from the world during this Full Moon. You may even feel like no one understands how you feel.

However, it is not about what others understand about you, but about what you understand about yourself.

This Full Moon could make you feel very introspective, and if you’ve been avoiding your inner truth, it could also be an emotional experience.

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ScorpioIt’s time to start seeing the forest for the trees. It’s easy to get hung up on the details. During a conversation about so many things, you might obsess over one thing that has been said.

When doing research, you can dwell on a statistic and forget to consider the context. This Full Moon is all about stepping back and seeing how it all comes together.

Chances are, a small detail is just a small aspect of something that’s great as a whole.





AquariusYou are ready to create small changes that make a difference. You might be in your own little world lately. If you’re stressed about being late for work, you might react by spacing yourself out instead of doing it.

In the morning, you might feel more inclined to go back to bed than go to the gym. But if you neglect reality for too long, it becomes harder to handle.

Let this Full Moon inspire you to make a more conscious effort.

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