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New Moon in Pisces on March 13th Brings Gentle Energies

The New Moon in Pisces will occur on March 13, 2021, and will send poetic waves to the heavenly skies. There will be ethereal and gentle energy that will motivate us to imagine, dream, and create a better reality.

The reality we envision translates into our reality, so we need to align our thoughts, actions, and words accordingly under this Pisces lunation. When we close our eyes and visualize a better life for ourselves, inner peace overwhelms our hearts and minds, which makes us excited and inspired to work on it.

Neptune and Venus will closely configure under the dark sky of the New Moon. This alignment of energy will activate our heart chakra and push us to achieve greater and deeper love. Neptune and Venus are great for attracting love and awakening and healing our hearts.

In case our heart is stimulated in this lunation, try to follow the heart instead of listening to our mind. The cosmos will be filled with sweet musical chords that can be heard by paying attention with deep intuition, especially if things seem to be wrong around you.



Seek the treasure within:

Neptune is a planet of intuition and emphasizes the inner voice. Sometimes Neptune can obscure the clarity of vision, indicating the need to achieve wisdom and inspiration within. Every human has ancient wisdom buried deep within them and can unlock treasure if we seek it out.

This New Moon in Pisces is ideal for embracing deep but forgotten wisdom. So, each person must take this opportunity to reach out and walk this known but the neglected road to get the answers we seek. The Pisces lunation has the power to unravel complicated romantic relationships by offering new perspectives.

Venus governs relationships, especially past relationships with our friends, family, money, partners, and also ourselves. The New Moon will be able to shed light on new and different aspects of these strained relationships. Forgiveness and resolution will take place with the help of deeper compassion and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is presided over by Neptune. It reminds everyone that despite all of life’s obstacles and adversities, we have lessons and ideologies to help us overcome them and keep moving forward.

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Be true to yourself:

Additionally, Neptune acts as a reminder to dive deeper into the fragmented energy lodged within us. They serve as a mirror to our true selves so we might rectify and resolve buried emotions.

This includes eliminating toxic relationships that inhibit our emotional growth and disrupt our mental health. All of this can be achieved by gradually engaging with our souls and unraveling the treasure within us.

Neptune is also known to create rose-tinted pictures for us which sometimes leads to false illusions by making us feel positive about inappropriate things. Even when we are undecided, we feel a strong pull to the wrong side. In such scenarios, we have to wait for some clarity and see the future with a clear mind and heart.

In general, the March lunation is beautiful and sets the stage for an extremely ingenious creative cycle. This energy can work in our favor to carry out creative projects as well as to explore new facets of our own consciousness and instinct.

Life is not a straight line but a complex spiral. As a result, we keep coming back and revisiting things of the past. But each time we come back with a deeper and better understanding of things. Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, have traveled very far and can sharpen our understanding by bringing wholeness to it.



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