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Powerful Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5, 2020 – New Paths are Being Revealed

On June 5th, as the full moon of Sagittarius rises, it will also be the time of a lunar eclipse. Marking the beginning of the Eclipse season, it will be the first of a series of 3 scheduled in a lunar month. This full moon eclipse of Sagittarius will remind us to claim our ground and let our inner fire go out.

This lunar eclipse falls in Sagittarius at 14 degrees, which is known as the location of the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor draws our entire universe towards it but is always shrouded in mystery.

This will make the Eclipse all the more powerful. In addition, if you are in Pacific Standard Time, you can discover the Eclipse at the magic moment of 12:12 pm!



Lunar eclipses bring changes and advances.

The Strawberry Full Moon Brings a Penumbral Lunar EclipseBeing the first Eclipse in Sagittarius since the 2010-2013 cycle, it is also the start of a new Eclipse cycle. If you can relate what you learned at the time with what is happening this year, you will gain advanced wisdom.

Eclipses often reveal new paths and ask us to change our thoughts and actions. The time may have come to give up on certain things or they will end naturally.

The Sagittarius energy will help us to clarify our ideas and beliefs so that we can embark on a new journey of the soul.

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Mars and Venus are active under the eclipse.

Mars will be very active during this lunar eclipse of the full moon. Being the warrior planet, it will ignite the warrior within us. Emotions can degenerate easily, but we have to stay grounded. If we can really listen to our frustration, we can gain a lot of wisdom and understanding. When we try to understand where these emotions come from, we will have better self-control.

We all try to avoid the voice of guilt in us. But even that has something to say. We must control ourselves and listen to these voices, they are there to guide us. Do not pay much attention to negative or hurtful thoughts, but do not ignore them either.

Let them flow, try to retrace their path. When you reach the real reason behind such emotions and thoughts, you will be able to better balance them. This will speed up your soul journey.

Darkness can teach us as much as love and light. We need to embrace emotions of anger, pain, and resentment in order to better understand the self. As uncomfortable as they are, these emotions are also part of our life experience.

Wishful thinking does not banish these thoughts. When we sit with them, we can discover hidden jewels. Once we understand what they are trying to express, we can easily let them go.




With the energy of Mars in place, find what fuels your flames.

Your power and your goal are closely linked to what ignites you. When you sit down with your emotions, you learn where you need to be more careful. This saves your energy, which you can redirect to better causes.

Not just Mars, even Venus is also very active now. This will draw our attention to relationships during the lunar eclipse of the full moon. Those who have doubts about their relationships will begin to find answers under the Eclipse.

If you can define your intentions, the full moon eclipse can clear up your confusion. Let it light up your mind and show you the best way. The energy of the June 5th eclipse will be in harmony with the energy of the next 2 eclipses later in the month. By July 5th, as the 3 eclipses come to an end, we will experience a renaissance.

Before the Eclipse season begins, we all feel overwhelmed by our confusion and doubts. The world today does not offer much guarantee or security. But by next month, we will gain a better understanding of ourselves, of our destiny, and we will also have a better connection with our soul.

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