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Spiritual Insight of the Autumn Equinox 2019, and How it Will affect Us

On Monday, September 23rd, 2019, the Sun will shine on the celestial equinox and autumn’s meteorological and astrological season will begin. As this event coincides with the beginning of the Libra season, it is wise to know how the autumnal equinox will affect us.

With so many beginnings, ends and shifts of position and balance, it is hard to imagine that the autumnal equinox would not affect us in more ways than one. And if we do not want to have a difficult experience, some information will be useful to prepare ourselves mentally.




We will begin to feel a change with the falling temperatures and the night that falls earlier, which will require us to turn on the light for dinner for the first time since spring. Changes in light and temperature will reduce our energy and slow down our thirst for adventure.

We will be attracted by comfort and warmth and we will find ourselves less interested in ephemeral pleasures. As the people around us focus more on work and productivity, we find ourselves in a very different mood from the one we’ve been used to this summer. We may have had our head in the clouds over the summer, but fall is the perfect time to look down and focus on what’s important and what’s in need of attention.




On the astrological level:

On the astrological level

We will have a combination of the season of Libra and the spiritual depth of an equinox. Here’s how these changes will manifest themselves during the autumnal equinox:

The equinox will affect us because it’s the beginning of the Libra season and it will change our perspective. We will all look at our lives and want to balance all the energies at stake. No more overwork and neglect. We will give equal importance to everything that is important to us.

This equinox is a change that creates equality between day and night. It is also a good time for rest and taking care of our body. We will feel this energy in us which will stimulate us to be more energetic or more sleepy. In any case, we will feel the seasonal change inside.




Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox:

Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox

The patterns of birth, life, harvest, death, and rebirth are inscribed in the Earth and in our lives, and we observe these cycles endlessly enduring.

At the beginning of the Libra season, we will be able to see better than we build ourselves, and we will have to unite with others to truly grow in our lives. Libra is a sign of partnership, union, and marriage, where we realize that our points of view and our personal journey must align with those of others to fully flourish. Like Yin and Yang, night and day, we need to find a balance in our lives to reach our greatest goal.

We have faced our light, now we must venture into our shadows to complete the journey before, to be reborn as a phoenix next year. To welcome and fully accept life is the only way to appreciate both light and darkness.



To conclude:

As in any astronomical alignment, the autumnal equinox can affect human nature. When the Sun enters Libra, day and night will become equal. Regardless of whether one lives in the northern or southern hemisphere, we will have to look for the balance and beauty of life that allows us to live in harmony in the world.

When the Sun crosses the equator and moves into Libra, we focus more on the other. We become more objective in our reality and with those with whom we have links.

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