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Prepare Yourself as Mercury Is About to Go Retrograde May 2021

Mercury is currently in Gemini and with that, we are going to start to see changes. Because Mercury rules over communication, it tends to have a good hold on our lives. Mercury retrograde of Spring 2021 begins on May 29. This actually marks the second Mercurial backspin of the year!

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and things like your thinking process, timing, and planning. This is why its pesky retrograde can really mess things up for everyone. You already know the drill, chaos, typos, tech troubles, and missed appointments.

You’ll want to double-check your text messages, calendars, and appointment books. This is especially true because this retrograde takes place in Gemini, one of the signs governed by Mercury itself.

When Mercury is in Gemini, you can expect to see two different stories because it is a dualistic sign. Communications will start to break down and show you different perspectives, try to take this opportunity to say what you think about your dreams and desires.

Really re-evaluate your life right now and decide what is fundamentally right for you! Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others at this time. Because Mercury is Gemini’s governing planet, this retrograde will be more intense than others, especially for people who have Gemini ruling heavy in their charts.

Gemini is an epic flirt and this retrograde signals a return for exes. Keep your head straight and don’t ruin healthy relationships because your ex is in your inbox!

Use this retrograde to organize yourself and focus your attention on your life and you will do well. Get organized and show your gratitude to the people in your life who genuinely care about you.

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When Mercury is in Gemini, we are particularly communicative, curious, and sociable.

Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, one of the signs that it governs. We tend to take more pleasure in acquiring a superficial knowledge of many subjects rather than delving into a single subject.

We are particularly astute when it comes to arguing or making a point. We are drawn to wordplays, puns, and negotiations. We are easily distracted.

During the time that this planet is present in Gemini, we will all be a little nervous and more attuned to our romantic lives. We’ll see what those who matter most to us really want and work to strengthen the bonds we have with the people we love most.

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? While we face some ups and downs during this situation as a whole, it will allow us to overcome things that we would otherwise ignore, which means we are going to grow tremendously.

Things can get a little weird, but we’re headed for growth and that’s never a bad thing. Buckle in and grab your tissues, we’re in for a bumpy ride and a good cry. Are you ready?

As things get more intense during this time, do your best to let out the emotions that you would normally bottle up. The more you bottle, the worse you will feel. If you want to be happy, you have to let yourself go through the good and the bad.

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