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The 6 Zodiac Signs The October 2019 Full Moon Will Affect The Most

The full moon of October is almost here and the energies are developing. This full moon will bring many opportunities in our lives and some of them will come with heartbeats and emotions that are unique to them.

If you are looking for love in all the wrong places, this may be your chance. The full moon of October should unfold on the 13th and its energies will be present for a few weeks after its appearance. During the time this full moon is affecting us, there are signs that will really reach out and find the love they need. Even if everyone will not find the romantic flames of love, people come and go about our lives.

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Below, we will review the signs that are going to be more likely to really look for someone special and more willing to let someone special inside during the time when the full moon energies are present. Although you may not think you’re ready for what’s going to happen, it still happens. This full moon is really going to do something special for the signs listed below, get ready.



This full moon will really show you how you treat others. The things you have done in the past will finally catch up with you and force you to change.

Whether you are looking for love right now or not, someone is about to come in and make you lose your head.




During the full moon, you will wonder what could have happened if you had continued with the people with whom you were closest. In and of itself, this will get you to reach out to someone you have never considered wasting your time.

The feelings you are experiencing must be used correctly, solve the problems in the best possible way.




This full moon will bring a lot of things out of the woods and have some people really throw you away. Do not lose sight of your orientation and remember that the people who put the most effort are those who deserve a place at your side.

If someone is really trying to get closer to you, maybe it’s time to let them in.




This full moon will make you think about your future and your current situation. You will isolate yourself from the person with whom you are and seek advice from others.

Someone is about to come to give you exactly the news you have been waiting for and if you follow the advice that is offered to you, everything in your life will change.




This full moon will not bring you to a person from your past, but will instead offer you a new friend who has your best interest at heart. You are always closed and do not want to leave people near you, which is generally a bad thing.

You must be ready to show your face to the people who really care about you. Stop being so stubborn and see where this whole ordeal will take you.




This full moon will bring someone into your life who will finally give you the creative mind you missed. Your passions will fire and everything will feel again.

Although this person may be a romantic partner or close friend as things progress, you are in the loop for the long term no matter what type.


If your sign was not listed above, you can read how you will be affected by this Full Moon on this article: How Will the Full Moon in Aries on October 13 Affect Your Zodiac Sign.

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