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The Advice You Should Follow For Valentine’s Day 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you are single or have a partner, deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day can be slightly stressful, as there is all this pressure to spend a fun, sexy and romantic time with your partner or go to town with your single friends.

Leaving your plans to chance and not obsessing too much is one approach, but astrology could give you clues to the vibrations you will be working with (or against) when it comes to defining your plans for Valentine’s Day. It turns out that astrology events are both good and not so good for Valentine’s Day.

First, the planet of love and romance Venus will have recently moved into a stubborn Aries after spending the last few weeks in sweet Pisces. The influence of the sign of the fire Aries adds impatience to our romantic affairs and is likely to place more emphasis on maximizing our own pleasure rather than that of our partner.

We will also experience certain planetary connections that have the potential to make our Valentine’s Day plans super deep and passionate.

The Moon will be in intense Scorpio on Valentine’s Day, which will make us want to connect on a deep level and express our true feelings. Expect hearts to float and feel extreme in your feelings with your Valentine. This passionate lunar placement is definitely intense, but when it comes to romance, that can be a good thing – and super sexy too.

But then, of course, there is also the very shady influence of Mercury retroshade. The retroshade, which begins on February 2 and precedes the retrograde itself (which begins on February 16), will make it difficult to communicate our feelings, define solid plans and late non-presentation on each date. Prepare yourself by leaving some space in your schedule for communication-based arguments and logistical issues in your Valentine’s Day plans.

This is The Advice You Should Follow For Valentine’s Day 2020, Based On Your Zodiac Sign:




Venus is under your sign this Valentine’s Day, Aries, and you feel like a social butterfly. You are still outgoing, but this year you will feel very social.

A group date could easily be the way to go. If you are single, participating in a group activity, cause or organization that makes sense to you could lead you to a potential partner. Go for it!





You want the PDA this Valentine’s Day as your public recognition domain is activated. Flaunting your partner with a gushing Instagram post is well suited.

Don’t hesitate to show your partner, they will love the attention. Single and looking for love? You’re only on a mission for serious candidates. Be perceptive, Taurus.





It’s time for a romantic getaway, Gemini. Romance comes in the form of a trip this year – if you’re single and planning to travel during Valentine’s Day, your chances are high of meeting a partner of interest … a change of scenery can make wonders.

Geminis in a relationship can rekindle flames by taking a mini-vacation together. Don’t forget to make room in your schedule for Mercury retroshade’s travel snags.





This Valentine’s Day forces you to become real with your emotions. It’s time to let the feelings rule, Cancer. Connecting deeply with your partner or a new date on Valentine’s Day is what will make your heart melt.

You are not interested in surface-level interactions. You want someone with substance, who is not afraid of being vulnerable. Don’t settle for less than the depths your emotional waters need.





You are trying to put a ring on it for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day activates a part of your theme that governs long-term partnerships and marriage.

You are looking for someone who is willing to go the distance and pamper you, well, forever. Forever is a long time, but you are not afraid to enter it. Express your feelings.





With your ruling planet, Mercury, on the verge of becoming retrograde, you are extremely focused on organization. In Virgo’s truest style, Valentine’s Day will prioritize your health and your routines.

This is the perfect time to find a like-minded partner with similar interests. Keep your eyes open during your next training session. Going out with someone with similar interests is going to be huge excitement.





You are a true romantic, Libra so even if you have burned the candle at both ends with your professional tasks, take the time in your schedule for a cute and sexy Valentine’s Day celebration.

Work problems can delay you at the office. Schedule a late-night date with your crush in a bar for fun. As long as you are ready to be flexible in your plans, you will have a dream date to look forward to.





The emotional moon is your sign this Valentine’s Day, Scorpio, so it’s the perfect time to increase the intimacy factor in your relationship or your love life.

Plan a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or even stay local but in a hotel. A change of scenery will do you and your partner good. As long as you can ensure quality head-to-head with your partner, you will feel satisfied.





Money might be stressing you out right now, and the messy vibrations of the retroshade are certainly not helpful. But you can still have a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day if you’re ready to get creative.

Don’t let your impending financial situation keep you from having fun on Valentine’s Day. You can always plan a low-key, low-cost evening. Keep things cool and you will be golden Sagittarius.





Your Valentine’s Day forecast looks dreamy, Capricorn! Unfortunately, the chances that you are too caught up in a fantasy of feelings are high and this could keep you from focusing on other priorities.

Get your head out of the clouds and focus on your job. Leave daydreaming on your evening plans for after hours. Getting swept off your feet is fun and all, but for now, it’s best to keep them firmly planted on the ground.





Aquarians are certainly not known to be hopeless romantics, but the vibrations of Valentine’s Day immerse you in the spirit of puppy love so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a leap of faith and jump into your crush. Chances are they will feel the same way. Being vulnerable to your feelings is scary, but it is likely that the reward will outweigh any risk of rejection. Take the chance!





Despite the drama in the stars with the Mercury retroshade in your sign, you have a potentially calm and relaxing Valentine’s Day on tap this year, Pisces. Take advantage of relaxed energy and use it to bond with your partner.

It’s been a while since you’ve spent any time connecting with your partner. Use this Valentine’s Day to reignite the passion between the two of you. Plan something calm and romantic where you can be yourself.


Even with the drama of an imminent retroshade of Mercury, each zodiac sign has the potential to experience a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a couple, spending the day with friends or flying solo, following the advice of the stars guarantees you a smooth ride this year.



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