You are currently viewing Full Moon in Leo on February 9, 2020 – Embrace the Path You were Meant to Travel

Full Moon in Leo on February 9, 2020 – Embrace the Path You were Meant to Travel

This wild Leo full moon will bring out the go your own way side out in a big and playful way.

The full moon on February 9 with the Sun in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo is an annual reminder to listen to your heart. Of course, it can be about loving your partner and your friends, but underneath it is self-esteem.

And this year, the universe has an extra dose of elixir to help understand how important the healing of the heart will be to embrace the path you were meant to travel.

The full moon is in lively Leo at 20 degrees. With the exception of the Sun opposing the Moon, the Sun makes no other connection to the planets. This configuration brings an explosion of exuberance to remove the restrictions of external obligations, except for the Moon which, in Leo, says to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

It’s a great weekend to party, connect with friends, or just take time off to enjoy everything you enjoy doing in your world. Ecstatic gatherings, dances, and songs, Sufi dancing, drum circles, all conscious gatherings create collective energy that elevates the vibrations of the planet.



Leo Full Moon February Healing Heart Injuries:

What makes this full moon of Leo exceptionally important this year is that Venus is in Aries next to Chiron which is also in Aries. This combination is a volatile combination that tears off a bandage that covered the scars left by previous programs that have hurt or made you feel in one way or another.

Venus, with the moon, aims to bring pleasure and contentment in our lives. However, with the conjunction of Venus-Chiron in Aries, relationships that diminish the core of who you are, whether romantic, family or work will not be tolerated.

Any kind of denigration, shame, intimidation or harassment will be seen for what it is and will be contested. It will be the start of a larger trend where people will flee the old-fashioned management style companies and move to companies with progressive thinking, environmental awareness and deeper respect for individuality and personal time.



What is the full moon of Leo about?

The main message of this Leo Full Moon? Get in touch with the playful inner child who is full of love and reactivate this vibratory rhythm. If you want to go further, enter a relaxed state and go back in time to the age you were when you naturally had a love for humanity and embodied the joy of the moment.

Progress slowly through the timeline until you are closed, and see who, what, why it happened, then imagine a different landscape when you feel your emotional body healing. Keep walking the entire timeline filled with love and joy until you reach the age you are now.

This full moon brings the possibility of reconnecting with that part of ourselves which is a pure expression of love and authenticity.



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