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The Last Week of 2020 Might be Challenging for These 3 Zodiac Signs

2020 is finally coming to an end and what a difficult year it has been. You’ve survived some of the hardest energies astrology can create, so pat yourself on the back. But technically 2020 isn’t over yet, and the last week of the year is powerful.

It might sound emotional, it might sound like a release, but by the end of it all, you will probably feel exhausted. If you were born with your Sun or rising in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, December 28, 2020, will be a hard week. Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds and it’s nothing compared to what you’ve been through this year.

How could you expect 2020 to end other than with a Full Moon? That’s right, on December 29th at 10:28 pm ET, an intuitive, sensitive, and protective Cancer Full Moon will rush throughout the cosmos. Fortunately, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes this Full Moon a particularly magical experience.

It also forms a sextile with innovative, exciting, and progressive Uranus, gently pushing you to embrace the future. However, Full Moons are always intense experiences because they cradle you deep inside. This is when the Sun and Moon form an exact opposition, lighting up your inner darkness and revealing the truth that is in your heart.

As beautiful as it sounds, it is not always an easy experience. While romantic Venus also comes face to face with disorienting Neptune on December 30th, this week could also pave the way for insecurity and an overly sensitive attitude towards your loved ones. If your imagination runs wild it could take you to strange places, so be sure to focus on the facts. Either way, here’s what air signs can expect this week:




Gemini purpleYour relationships can be on unsteady ground. It can seem difficult to know where you are in your relationships this week. The Sun is in your intimate eighth house, encouraging you to nurture your relationships with depth and understanding.

However, as Venus in your seventh house of partnerships squares off with Neptune, you may feel like you don’t understand how the other person is feeling. In fact, it’ll be easier for your imagination to come up with an answer instead, so make sure you don’t judge your relationships based on something you’ve imagined rather than something real.

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Libra PurpleYou might be taking things personally this week. Don’t be surprised if you are feeling very emotional this week. After all, the Full Moon in Cancer squares your zodiac sign, which puts extra pressure on you to step up to the plate. The Sun is also found in your sensitive fourth house, bringing you closer to your heart and making you feel more defensive about your feelings.

Conversations can also be taken out of context this week, so be careful what you say and don’t over-read what others are saying. Communicate as clearly and succinctly as possible, and if someone says something harsh, try not to take it personally.





Aquarius PurpleYou can feel alone and disconnected from the world. You are in the midst of a lonely and calm period. After all, the Sun is in your 12th spiritual house, encouraging you to look within and focus on understanding your feelings when no one else is around.

However, the experience may also feel lonely to you, as Venus is currently moving into your 11th social house, instilling in you a desire to connect with others. However, Venus also confronts Misty Neptune, making it harder to see where you fit in your social circle. This strange time is only temporary and your loved ones are just a call away.


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