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What are Your Natural Instincts, According to Your Zodiac Sign

In the event of a problem, is your natural instinct to fight or to heal? Do you solve problems one step at a time or do you think creatively?

Your reaction might just have to do with your zodiac sign. Each sign governs different instincts; you might just recognize your own gut responses from this list.

First, let’s see where your zodiac sign is in the location, then scroll down to find out more about your individual sign:



The nurturers and providers:

These signs are very sensitive to the needs of others and respond instinctively to requests for help. If you need help, ask someone born under one of these signs.

These signs have a natural instinct to give; they also organize support networks to ensure that help is provided when needed. Providers and nurturers include:

Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn.




The doers and builders:

These signs are the first to appear when a task needs to be done. They are responsible, reliable and practical.

They are always ready with an action plan; their instinct is to solve a problem before it even arises. These signs always have the best advice. Builders and doers include:

Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.




The wishers and dreamers:

These signs are thought of as light-years away from everyone else around them. They are full of ambition and idealism.

Although they may need to be balanced by other more practical signs, without them there would be no great designs. Dreamers and wishers include:

Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Libra.




The protectors and guardians:

These signs work hard to ensure that others have the best possible life. They sacrifice and work hard.

They are even ready to put themselves in danger to guarantee the safety of others. Guardians and protectors include:

Aries, Leo, and Scorpio.





Aries has a natural tendency to rush into any situation. They are exceptional first responders and are natural protectors.

They bravely enter situations that seem hopeless and will fight seemingly hopeless probabilities.





Many Taurus are natural stay-at-homes, making them housemakers and natural house builders. They love to nest and create comfortable environments for themselves and those they love.

They make great construction workers, interior decorators, and architects.





Geminis are real social dynamos. They are able to work for a crowd as few other signs can; that makes them great public speakers.

They are also very good at personal interactions. They are social workers, lawyers, and gifted teachers.





Sensitive Cancers are natural caregivers. They are instinctive protectors; they make great parents and guardians.

Teachers, nurses, librarians, and other service providers are all great career paths for cancer.

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Leos are naturally born leaders; their innate tendency is to take charge of any situation. Although it may earn them few friends, it certainly earns them many loyal followers.

Leos are successful in business, politics, medicine, and research.





Like cancer, Virgo is another natural caregiver. A Virgo seeks perfection and tends towards activities that are focused on details and which reward precision.

This can lead Virgos to professions as diverse as laboratory work and the arts. Virgos and their quest for excellence have the potential to find natural fulfillment in many surprising ways.





Libras have an instinctive sense of harmony and good taste. They make excellent artists, writers, poets, interior designers, and teachers.

Many find success in social work and politics. Libras have a strong sense of justice and seek to ensure that everyone has a chance to fight for a good life.





Scorpio has a very thorny reputation, so be careful never to disturb them. Their just anger burns hot; they fight fiercely to defend anyone who needs their protection.

Scorpio will always fight to take care of the people he loves. They are also passionate about social causes of all kinds; they make lifelong activists.

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People born under this sign are naturally curious. They are natural philosophers and will keep asking questions. They dive into the unresolved questions of life, never stopping until they find a solution that satisfies their curious mind.

The natural tendency of a Sagittarius is to think “globally” of everything.





Practical Capricorns are natural planners. Their instinct is to always think three steps ahead of everyone. This makes them ideal leaders in almost all circumstances.

You will often find a Capricorn leading the pack, paving the way for the rest of the group to follow.





Aquarius is an eccentric sign; the people born under this sign are natural artists and dreamers. Often their instinctive tendency is to go against the crowd.

While this makes group members difficult, they often find innovative solutions to stubborn problems.





Pisces often have an instinctive urge to protect people from harm. They work hard to make sure people are safe.

They always offer a shoulder to cry on; they make great friends, parents, and partners.

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What are your natural instincts?

What does astrology say about your natural instincts? Show this list to your friends and see what they say. Make sure to let us know what this list says about you.



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