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The New Moon of August 30, 2019 Will Bring a Wave of Positivity in Your Life

As we head towards the end of August, things are heating up energetically. There will be a New Moon on August 30 and with it, we should all expect the energies to be high enough.

This New Moon will happen in Virgo and because of that, we will be much more in tune with our desires and what really pushes us to move forward. We have not had a New Moon like this for a while and if you were waiting for a chance to want or do something special, now is the time.

There will be different things that will influence this New Moon and, while some people will be extremely positive, others may be destabilized to see complicated moments.

This New Moon of August 30 is happening near Mars, Venus and Mercury. These three little assistants, all in Virgo, will enrich the experience of this New Moon.


The New Moon, combined with Mars, brings an energy and a flowing initiative that must be well utilized. If this warm energy were to accumulate in your body, new energy could be released spontaneously in an uncontrolled and destructive way, injuring you or hurting others.

Fortunately, Venus transforms Mars’ aggression into passion and creativity, while adding love and patience. Mercury will help you think before you act and express your anger with words. A New Moon with Mars is suitable for physical activities such as sport and summer activities. Venus adds creativity like art, sculpture, and dance. Mercury brings creativity and incisive spirit.

The high levels of self-assertion, initiative, and goal-directed energy make it an excellent New Moon for starting new projects. While the New Moon in March would cause more assertiveness and impulsiveness, the addition of Mercury and Venus promotes harmony and cooperation. This is especially useful for business and personal relationships.



Sun trine Uranus

Sun trine Uranus

The Sun trine Uranus brings positive change and exciting opportunities. High self-esteem and freedom will allow you to express the most flamboyant side of your personality.

It’s a great time to leave your comfort zone and expand your social circle with amazing people from all walks of life. Reliable intuition and enlightening information can lead to increased self-awareness, creative breakthroughs, and new discoveries.


Mars trine Uranus

Mars trine Uranus brings a sense of adventure, curiosity, and initiative. You can free yourself from previous restrictions or boring routines with a bold energy boost. Taking risks will create unique opportunities to experience new activities, new feelings, and new relationships.

Follow your instincts and be confident about changes and start new projects. Your love life will benefit from increased libido, physical attractiveness, and open-mindedness. Meetings could bring a new exciting romance.




Expressing how you feel will be a lot easier for once.

new moon virgo

And the things that interest you are going to be very present in your mind. It is important to remember that during this time you will have a high energy level and once these energies are gone, you will have to deal with everything you have done during this time.

Be sure to follow your intuition and let it guide you where you feel best. This New Moon may not seem very strong, but the things that will come out of it will work wonders for all of us. Change is in the air and it is not avoidable.

This month of August rich in energy ends perfectly with this harmonious New Moon. Under this rich energy that is offered to us, take what you need, set your intentions and remember, you deserve all the happiness, the abundance, the well-being, the love and the joy that the universe has to offer.

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