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Virgo Season is Here to Force You Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Unknown

On August 23, the sun will rise from Leo and will enter the sign of  Virgo. And while Leo was engaged in self-expression and making his voice heard, Virgo demands to align with his purpose.

As you begin to notice the transition that is taking place, you will also begin to question your values ​​and decide what your position in life is. As the world continues to spin, many of us will feel the immense need to unite our lives. This can range from our professional trajectories to our finances and even to the small details, you will notice a desire for order.

Looking back to last year, Virgo urges us to end the things we started in the previous months and refine those bad habits we forgot in January.

And the closer we get to the equinox, we will feel more and more inclined to truly reevaluate our purpose and the routines we follow, to benefit from the practical and focused energies that Virgo carries.

Virgo Season is Here

While not all zodiac signs have the eye for the details that Virgo has, we will all be able to harness their energies during this time.

In recent months, the retrograde Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto, paired with the backward movement of the wounded healer, have thrown us out of our belief systems, have completely fallen on our lives and pushed us in a completely different direction.

In turn, it is possible that we all feel a bit lost and that is where this season can really put things in perspective for us.

And don’t confuse Virgo’s tenacity for a life with a purpose like making them boring, or making them worry anxious and full of fear. On the contrary, its approach, its organization and its constant desire to grow and improve come from a place of self-expression.

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