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The 4 Spheres of Consciousness of the Illuminated Human Being

There are many levels of consciousness that intertwine, but studying them all can be a monumental task in itself.

We must go to the meeting of our deepest being, so in order to familiarize you with the levels of consciousness, we have made a short summary for the sake of clarity and ease of reading:

“A human being changes form but no state, as the water poured into a flat plate or into a deep jug remains water, no matter its shape.”

Here are the 4 spheres of consciousness of the illuminated human being:



1. Human attention.

It is the human experience of the earth; a three-dimensional perspective where we are able to see everything except the consciousness we want to see and explore. This three-dimensional perspective exists as an extremely dense, strong, extreme and colorful reality.

This sphere of consciousness is not that of the weak, because only the bravest dare come to incarnate here. It has many levels of symmetry, learning, and co-creation. Being able to master it is a first-rate achievement, and this is due to the very high dimensional gravity that brings you back to it once you try to move to the higher dimensions.

If you limit yourself to this level of consciousness, then you may be limiting your perception of reality, even forgetting that you are a part of the divine force, that you are a powerful being, and that you are giving up your power.

Understanding the limits of this dimension and trying to keep your head above the water with meditation is essential.




2. Cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness

When you are at the level of the cosmic consciousness, thousands of aspects open to you. Have you ever seen yourself fly in your dreams? Not only on earth but also in kingdoms close to the earth (an astral realm). You are able to reach these kingdoms in the blink of an eye, and constantly change your realities.

Have you ever experienced those moments when you tried to wake up unsuccessfully from sleep, but you simply could not get up? It happens when you are still awake in an astral realm. If you can free your mind and realize that you are in an astral realm, then you can instantly teleport anywhere in this universe.

To do so, you must enter meditation mode right after you have woken up. With this practice, you will be able to have memorable experiences in your bed.

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3. The lords of the flames.

At this level of consciousness, individuals’ personalities become limpid and at the same time too impersonal. At this level of consciousness, you are so conscious of yourself that you can assume all facets of your personality without any problem.

You can even look at yourself from the point of view of a third person because this sphere of consciousness also gives you the opportunity to be the furthest away from yourself. It may sound a bit complicated and complex, but those who have experienced it know it.




4. The basis of everything – pure consciousness.

The basis of everything - pure consciousness

Has this thought ever crossed your mind: “Why are all the divinities portrayed by artists naked? In fact, the reason is simple… because the body is the garment of the soul. As you enter this consciousness, you enter the divine kingdom. You can enjoy the pure infinity of this consciousness. It’s the Eye of Horus.

Exploring the spheres of consciousness is an incredible experience that the vast majority of people should experience.

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