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The Psychic Message Your Zodiac Sign Needs For The Month Of April 2019

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As we head into the uplifting month of April, we are going to feel like something major has shifted.

We are going to feel open and energized, we are going to feel that life has taken a new turn. Under this energy, we may feel like we are preparing for something too. We may feel called to peel back the layers and really question how we have been choosing to live.

We may also feel the need to change our own attitudes towards our relationships and reconsider how we are choosing to treat others or how we are allowing others to treat us.

Overall, April is a fiery month with opportunities to manifest, mend, and become more mindful of where we are heading and who we are choosing to surround ourselves with.


Here is the psychic message for your zodiac sign for the month of April:



You may feel as if you’ve been through the ringer and and are wondering when you will finally be able to breathe. Your time of rest and peace is coming. The most important thing to do is continue to forge forward. You do have it within you to keep your momentum going and by this weekend, you will be able to step back and rest. Stay strong, stay consistent my friend.



Don’t allow your pride to get in the way of some heart-felt assistance. You have prayed and asked for help and the assistance you need may come from an unexpected source. Your prayers have been answered, don’t allow your pride to get in the way.



If you were thinking about signing up for a workshop or taking a new class, this is the perfect time to do so. By trying something new, you are bringing in new and different experiences into your life which will most certainly enhance your life bringing about positive change.



You are in the midst of charging forward and are picking up momentum however, you may be so focused on the outcome that you may be cutting corners and not taking the time to think things through. Rushing towards your goal without taking other people and or possible challenges into consideration may create toxicity around you and your goals. Take a step back and be proactive by thinking things through thoroughly before you speak and or act.



Today it is best to use your mind/intellect to lead the way rather than allowing your emotions to take you on a wild rollercoaster ride. You have an emotional attachment or two to the current situation(s) that may cloud your reasoning. As you take your time to process, keeping your emotions at a healthy distance, you will be able to see the best course of action and or inaction.



Today we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that a situation that has been troubling you is about as bad as it can get for you. The good news is that things can and will only get better from here.



This month requests for you to inspire others simply by others being in your presence. Our energy introduces us before we utter one word. Inspire others with your positive outlook, zest for life and passion for your own journey. If you are unable to tap into that energy, maybe a little saging, an epsom salt bath, or aura cleanse is in order.



Success is yours as long as you keep yourself balanced and your willpower strong and disciplined. Oftentimes, focus and willpower can turn into aggression, which will totally put your goals on hold. Balance is the key here between the little ego and the big ego.



Today you may find yourself wearing a few different hats and trying to juggle things to make everything work out. Hang in there! If you keep your cool, remain flexible, opened-minded and don’t get too far ahead of yourself, you will have accomplished all you have set out to do. Be sure to reward yourself at the end of the day for being able to tend to all that needed tending to.



You have done your inner work healing and shifting the unhealthy emotional triggers that have plagued you in the past. You are a magnet for others who need some of that good juju that simply oozes out of you. Be the shining example and share your light, wisdom and kind words with others today. Be the change that you wish to see in the world.



It’s partnership/companion/friendship/significant other relationship day! Today, a relationship that is near and dear to your heart needs a little TLC (you know which one has been taken for granted). Bump up this relationship to the top of your priority list. Show your appreciation and express to the other person how much you value them in your life.



Emotional and spiritual fulfillment are about to come to fruition with a relationship that is ready to be taken to the next step of trust, love, integrity and of honoring each other with an equal exchange of energy. The relationship may be either romantic, friendship, and or family.



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