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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging August 2020

Summer may be in full effect, but amidst its seasonal blooms and sunny atmosphere, things might seem especially tough in August for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Looking on the bright side, however, the chaos will start to make more sense once the Sun enters earthly Virgo in the middle of the month and things start to calm down. Until then, there is a lot to do.

August’s tedious to-do list goes hand in hand with the effects you’ll feel due to the retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron. Retrograde cycles are like a “recess” for a planet. When a planet retrogrades, it slows down, giving the collection an opportunity to reflect and revisit.

In addition to the effects of retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron, August will be action-packed with crucial transits, starting with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3. This Full Moon will be especially powerful, as both the Sun and the Moon will be fiercely challenged by revolutionary Uranus, who also happens to be the home planet of this Moon.

This aspect is called a T-square and shocking Uranus, the planet of chaos, technology, rebellion, and unexpected change, will be the focal point, creating friction and chaos in regards to your values, practicalities, and your general sense of security. There is a revolution happening right now, but there is more to come, especially for those who have been hesitant to step out of their comfort zone lately.

The good news is that Mercury will soon join forces with the Sun in Leo on August 4, days before pleasure-seeking Venus slides into intuitive Cancer on August 7. This energy will be incredibly calming, especially after Venus’ bumpy retrograde through Gemini. With that in mind, here’s why August might be more difficult than usual for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn:

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You feel restless and unrecognized. Be gentle with yourself, Taurus. With the Sun shining directly through Leo, via your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, you will likely feel the need to retreat this month, at least until the Sun enters Virgo on August 22.

However, given that Leo is another fixed sign, your sense of stability will automatically be called into question this season. And in addition to inner turmoil and general irritability, this month’s Full Moon in Aquarius will activate your tenth house of authority, professional legacy, and public reputation.

A stimulating T-Square igniting electric Uranus in your sign might also bring a surprise or two, so do your best to find comfort in the unexpected. Your long-term goals are undergoing big changes right now, just like you.





You shed layers and restructure your visions. Virgo, take the time you need so badly this month. With the Sun activating your secretive 12th house of karma, enclosure, spirituality, and all things behind the scenes, you’ll have the opportunity to step back and recharge your batteries before kicking off your birthday season.

If you are feeling more lethargic than usual, be sure to get some rest. Taking care of your mind, body, and soul will be a priority, especially after the Aquarius Full Moon on August 3.

This lunation is going to shake up your sixth house of health, work routine, and due diligence, which means that something needs to be recognized and perhaps readjusted.





You do a deep reflection. You’ve come this far, which means you can’t stop now, Capricorn. The Sun will shine directly through your shady eighth house this season, until it enters Virgo through your expansive ninth house of experiences on August 22.

For now, however, the Sun will shine on the darker parts of your psyche while also shining a light on the things that you are most afraid of or perhaps hesitant to face. The Leo season will seem like a powerful rebirth to you, but it’s not the same rebirth you’ve been used to having for the past two years.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will ignite your house of finances, stability, and unique possessions, which will bring closure and clarity, especially when it comes to your self-worth.

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