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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Magical Christmas 2021

Christmas is just a day away and brings us one of the most important astrological forecasts of 2021. As everyone finalizes wrapping presents, Venus, the planet of love and oneness, went retrograde in Capricorn just six days before the biggest holiday of the year.

Retrogrades tend to affect each zodiac sign in a different area of each individual’s birth chart, and some tend to feel the effects more than others, but three zodiac signs will be luckier than the rest.

In Capricorn, Venus seeks to establish security and productivity in its connection. Capricorn is looking for relationships that make sense, as well as partnerships that support the goals and aspirations that accompany this cardinal earth sign.

Given that Venus will be retrograde and conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation, on December 25 (aka Christmas Day), this retrograde is sure to bring about intense changes in how each zodiac sign experiences connection.

Out of everyone, however, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces will likely have the best experience with Venus conjunct Pluto. Here’s how they will each be affected:



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Since Venus is your governing planet, this retrograde will be especially important to you, but not necessarily in a challenging sense.

With Venus in another earth sign, this retrograde will likely cause you to re-evaluate how you achieve comfort and stability as it transits through your ninth house of travel, spirituality, and higher wisdom.

As Venus conjuncts Pluto on December 25, you’ll likely experience some sort of personal transformation, asking that you think about how you actively support your belief systems.

Since you are someone who tends to cling to security even though you are prompted to evolve, this retrograde and conjunction with Pluto are exactly what you need to take you into the New Year. Once Venus goes direct on January 30, 2022, you will feel renewed and refreshed, and ready for the year to come.





As a productive and detail-oriented zodiac sign, the topics surrounding love, fun, and oneness aren’t always the first things on your to-do list, but Christmas asks you to reconsider your relationship to these topics as Venus retrograde conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn in your fifth house of creativity and romance.

You tend to be very self-disciplined in this area of your chart (given that you have a fifth house ruled by Saturn), but this season prompts you to let your hair down a little bit. You’ve worked incredibly hard all year, and this vacation is a great time to relax and have some fun.

Whether you are embarking on a fun new romantic adventure or working on a new passion project, this energy gives you exactly what you need: a chance to reconnect with your desire for intimacy and connection.





As Venus retrograde conjuncts Pluto in your eleventh house of friends and social groups on December 25, you will be asked to re-evaluate how you connect with the people around you.

Since your eleventh house is ruled by Capricorn, you take your friendships incredibly seriously, and on Christmas you will have some kind of transformative experience within that dynamic.

Whether you are reconnecting with old friends or entering a period of completely new relationships, your expansive and idealistic nature is easily supported by these changes. You need to be surrounded by people who support you and uplift you, and this retrograde is reminding you of that, loud and clear.



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