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These 3 Zodiac Signs Won’t Be So Lucky This Christmas 2021

Christmas brings a lot of things, the cold, chestnuts roasting, and Mariah Carey, to name a few, but despite the cheeriness that many people feel this time of year, others may have a harder time getting into the holiday spirit.

Since Capricorn season is still in full swing, the energy of this earth cardinal sign prompts many zodiac signs to prioritize their goals and ambitions at the end of the year, but not everyone enjoys the Saturnian energy this season.

In fact, Christmas 2021 won’t be as enjoyable for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius as their energy is so different from the disciplined and structured energy of Capricorn. Along with the Sun, Venus is also in Capricorn, but is currently retrograde and will conjunct Pluto on December 25.

As the planet of love and connection, the conjunction of Venus with Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, is likely to cause sudden shifts in romantic dynamics. This will be especially the case for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

As Venus will retrace its steps through the dark houses of each of these signs’ birth charts, they will be urged to direct their attention to their more intimate and private connections. Here’s what each they can expect on Christmas Day:



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gemini magic ballAs a mutable and adaptable air sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn season does not exactly complement your Gemini characteristics. And Venus retrograde may double down on its effects.

As the planet of love and connection retraces its steps through your eighth house of ends, limits, and shared resources and conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on December 25, you will be invited to re-evaluate your relationships and assess the boundaries that you may or not have in place.

You like a lot of freedom in your romantic dynamic, but boundaries are an essential part of every relationship you will ever have. While Christmas could be the turning point your relationships might need, it could possibly coincide with some necessary endings that will erase your slate just in time for the New Year.





libra magic ballAs a zodiac sign ruled by Venus, this retrograde affects you much more than the other signs, especially when it comes to your home and family dynamics as Venus makes its way through your fourth house.

Christmas Day is likely to coincide with some sort of powerful turning point as Venus conjuncts Pluto, asking you to reflect on your role your family’s dynamics. While your first instinct is to mediate, it is not a responsibility that you should constantly be burdened with, especially during the holidays.

Be sure to use this time to pause and reflect on how you may have sacrificed your own needs in order to keep others happy and to set the necessary boundaries between you and the people who may have taken advantage of you.





aquarius magic ballWhile Capricorn is a sign also ruled by your traditional governing planet, Saturn, your energy couldn’t be more different, which is one of the main reasons why Venus retrograde will be a little difficult for you.

As Venus passes through your twelfth house and conjuncts Pluto on December 25, you will be asked to reassess your current relationship dynamics. Are you being held back by your bounds or are they supporting the current growth you are experiencing?

As a fixed sign, you tend to resist change, but this retrograde will give you the boost you need to release all the things that no longer serve you, just in time for 2022.



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