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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging Mercury Retrograde Winter 2021

Despite what you may have been led to believe, Mercury retrograde really isn’t that bad. In the grand scheme of everything that can happen in astrology, Mercury retrograde is more of a nuisance than something seriously terrifying. Mercury retrograde is annoying just like a fly buzzing around your ear.

It’s awkward to meet your ex while wearing your pink bunny pajamas. These situations related to Mercury retrograde are certainly a drag, but is it the end of the world? No way. Even if Mercury retrograde for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be hard, it’s nothing that they won’t survive.

Beginning on January 30th at 26 degrees and ending on February 20th at 11 degrees, this Mercury retrograde takes place in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. It is the zodiac sign of philanthropic efforts, teamwork, and revolt against the status quo.

Aquarius is a trendsetter, and when Mercury is in this revolutionary zodiac sign, it drops ideas into your brain that just might spearhead a movement. In Aquarius, Mercury is logical, social, and political. This particular Mercury retrograde will likely cause you to rethink your place in your community and the way you participate in causes for good.

However, in a less grand sense, this Mercury retrograde might make you a stubborn and dogmatic thinker. After all, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means that they can be “fixed” in their ideas and outlook.

While this zodiac sign is so concerned with humanity and others, it can also manifest itself in total rebellion and alienation from society. If you were born under the influence of a fixed sign, this retrograde Mercury might put more pressure on you. Here’s why:




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You might not know where your career is going. During this retrograde, you might feel like no matter how hard you push, the universe is pushing against you.

There can be setbacks at work, difficulties when trying to achieve your goals, and a general feeling that things just aren’t so clear in your career right now.

However, now is a great time to put the pause button on any major career change and simply re-evaluate and rethink your career goals.

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There can be drama in your relationships and your love life. If you are in a relationship, you might feel like two ships passing each other in the night.

You might even feel like you and your partner can’t get along in each other’s eyes right now, with unresolved issues in the foreground.

If you are single, slow down if you decide to date someone, as things don’t feel as permanent when Mercury is retrograde. Spend this time analyzing your relationship patterns and resolving pre-existing issues with those close to you.





Your world can feel uncomfortable and in danger. This Mercury retrograde could create a crisis in us. You might feel like your house is a mess or you might feel homesick for a different place.

During this three week period, you will rethink what “home” means to you and how you relate to your closest kin, which involves both your chosen family and your blood-related family.

You may feel emotionally vulnerable during this Mercury retrograde and its message is to create more compassion, security, and comfort in your universe.





You could be experiencing an identity crisis. You may be feeling the weight of all of this Mercury retrograde energy as it affects every facet of your life. More than anything, this retrograde will shed a revealing light on your identity and sense of self.

How do you see yourself? Who do you think you are? Who will you become? Try not to make drastic changes to your appearance or permanent announcements that you might change your mind about later.

It’s an introspective period, so look within yourself.

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