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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging Month – June 2021

To put it bluntly, June is going to be a hell of a ride. It’s a month that could propel you into so many changes, and this time it’s serious business. But not all of these changes will be inherently difficult. June is a month that is also filled with many blessings.

After the harsh energy of the past year (and the year before), June could be a breath of fresh air. While it may sound intense, it can also be beautiful. You might feel the pressure pretty quickly.

Mercury will be retrograde until June 22, sending so much confusion and disorientation throughout the cosmos. On June 5, aggressive Mars will oppose dark Pluto, which could bring to the surface hidden tensions, evoking heated exchanges that could easily turn into an argument.

On June 10, a solar eclipse will arise in Gemini, putting you in touch with your destiny. This lunar event could cause drastic and abrupt transformations, potentially opening a new chapter in your life. Tensions will escalate further by June 14, as Saturn confronts Uranus, making the middle of the month a period of pressurized energy that could simply erupt.

By June 23, Venus will also oppose Pluto, which could lead to dramatic complications in your love life. However, let’s not forget that since last month, lucky Jupiter entered its traditional native sign, Pisces, spreading compassion and joy throughout the cosmos. Let it guide you north.




VIRGO AUGUSTYou may be facing some confusion in your career. Virgo, you might be thinking a lot about your career goals this month.

You may even find yourself taking your career in a whole new direction.

It might leave you feeling overwhelmed at first, and maybe even discouraged.

Remember that if you are faced with conflict, it is only because you are taking on new projects and challenges. Don’t give up until you’ve really tried.





SCORPIO AUGUSTYou may be faced with power struggles. The emotional intensity simmering under everything can seem overwhelming this month, Scorpio.

You may even feel like no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t in control.

This month is all about learning the difference between what you have power over and what you don’t.

Learning when to pick your battles and how to navigate the push and pull of life will be just a few of the lessons June will teach you.

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SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTYour relationships are taking a serious turn. This month, you might be facing some major changes, especially when it comes to your relationships, Sagittarius.

It may even feel like some relationships end while others begin.

Trust that the people in your life who support you are there for a reason. If someone else isn’t who you thought they were, let their actions reflect that.

Choose to focus on the people who are showing you the love you need.





CAPRICORN AUGUSTYou are probably feeling pressure in your daily life. This month might seem like a lot of work, Capricorn.

You may be thinking more about how you can take better care of your own well-being and manage your priorities more effectively.

You may also be faced with increased stress in your relationships as you work to deal with disagreements more compassionately and effectively.

Remember that you are a work in progress and you are only getting better.

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