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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Wonderful New Moon in Virgo September 2021

Every 28 days the Moon tells a story. Through the trials and tribulations of life, the Moon constantly encourages and challenges you, forcing you to look into your heart and understand how you are feeling.

All stories start somewhere, and when it comes to the lunar cycle, it always starts with the New Moon. However, not all New Moons will have a significant impact on your birth chart. Taking place in logical, analytical, and detail-oriented Virgo, this New Moon is a great time to put something practical into motion.

Replenishing the Cosmos on September 6 at 8:52 p.m. ET, this New Moon will encourage you to tinker with your usual routine with a focus on self-care and organization. It could also encourage quite innovative logistics methods and changes.

After all, this New Moon will also form a trine with futuristic and groundbreaking Uranus, helping you shed tradition and try something that helps you tap into your more unique and personalized ideas.

And just because this New Moon is in rational Virgo doesn’t mean the experience will necessarily be less emotional. This New Moon is also trine sensitive and empathetic Neptune, which increases your desire for compassion, prompting you to open your heart and lend a helping hand.

But if your Sun or ascendant is in a cardinal zodiac sign, you might not be feeling this New Moon as intensely. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel it at all. Here’s what to expect:




You might feel inspired to set up a new routine. This New Moon can encourage you to try harder in your everyday life.

Activating your sixth house of routine and health, this New Moon is a great time to do something that helps you get organized, motivated, and ready to work harder.

This is also a good time to pay attention to what your body needs because you can’t pour into an empty cup. Your physical needs are aligned with your need to be productive.





You may want to challenge your mind in new ways. This New Moon has taught you so much. It can encourage you to speak your mind, study subjects that interest you, and challenge your intellect in exciting new ways.

Taking place in your third house of intelligence and communication, this New Moon helps remind yourself of how smart you are. Don’t let your mind get lost. Get your mental muscles moving.





You look within and reconnect with your spirit. This New Moon could be a particularly calm experience.

After all, it sends magic to your 12th house of spirituality, encouraging you to reconnect with your sense of wonder and enchantment.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this New Moon is a wonderful time to connect with your imagination, intuition, and healing ability. You free up so much unnecessary baggage.





You embrace the prospect of another adventure. This New Moon is about spontaneity, adventure, and new possibilities.

Taking place in your ninth house of wisdom and expansion, this New Moon wants you to let go of your needs for plans and commitments.

Some of the finest things in life happen on the spur of the moment. Sometimes they encourage you to do something that seems risky or intimidating. Open up your ability to have faith in the unknown.



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