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This is Your Destiny Number for 2019 and What it Means for You

In numerology 2019 is actually number 3 (2 + 1 + 9 = 12, then 2 + 1 = 3) and this makes it a year of creativity, self-expression and alignment. The number 3 has long been considered a sacred number in different cultures and religions.

We are the third planet from the Sun, we live in a 3D reality, every story has a beginning, a path, and an end, and we are also composed of a mind, a body and a soul.

The number three is also used in many rituals and in some particular spells to be able to decipher episodes and events in our reality.

In 2019, thanks to the influence of the number 3, we will be facilitated and encouraged in our process of alignment, to complete paths already begun, but not yet completed, to express our most true and authentic part.

Number 3 is a very powerful number with great significance, and we will work with this vibration throughout the year. We can say that is a very stimulating period.


Find out your personal life path number for 2019:

Start by adding to your the month of birth, the day you were born and the number 3.

Next, add again the digits you got from the previous sum until you get a single number.



If you were born in the month of December and on the 29th, you will add up:

12 +29 +3
(month of birth + day of birth + 3) = 44

Reduce the number again by adding it further:
4 + 4 = 8

8 is the life path number for 2019.


Number 1

This is a year of new beginnings. You have come a long way and done hard inner work.

Some things may have fallen on the roadside, or perhaps some drastic changes have occurred in your life. Now is the right time to start a path of success and satisfaction.


Number 2

It is a very delicate and important year for those who have obtained this number.

The work that has begun will have to be continued and, probably, the support and advice of someone close will be needed.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, you will not regret it.


Number 3

It’s a very deep and special year for you! You have considerable creative potential on your side and you will really be able to make great strides.

Whatever you wish you can get it! You just have to believe in yourself and get to work.


Number 4

Spiritual growth and learning for your number 4, especially in the field of relationships and in particular the family ones.

Your family karma will finally be clarified, or you may feel stimulated to reconnect with your roots.

Your family contains important clues about what the meaning of your life is. Take care to spend as much time as possible with it.


Number 5

It is a year of creativity and the ability to reformulate paths that seemed interrupted or on which there were continuous obstacles.

Do not be afraid to explore alternative routes with conviction, even if you do not immediately reap the benefits.


Number 6

It’s a healing year for you and you’ll have the chance to repair your wounds physically and emotionally.

Pay particular attention to the needs of the body and make sure you take care of a priority.

It is not just about taking a relaxing bath, but above all knowing how to set goals by putting yourself first.


Number 7

You will feel guided, inspired and you may find yourself walking a new path or reaching new heights necessary for your spiritual growth and development.

Listening to the voice of the heart and learning to tame your ego, find out that new doors and opportunities are waiting for you.


Number 8

Transformation is a key word for you this year. 2019 will guide you towards change and make changes to areas of your life that need renewal or updating.

Let go of the past to welcome these new changes and new opportunities.


Number 9

It is the year when all that is incomplete in your life will be completed.

You will perceive it on an emotional and spiritual level, through the push to finish an important and complex work that has begun for some time.

Some weights weigh you down in this final rush, so drop them without hesitation.

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