You are currently viewing Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! September 14, 2019

Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! September 14, 2019

The daily spiritual messages for your Zodiac Sign!

When you come from a place of clarity, balance, and centeredness, you are able to make better choices for yourself and your life. Have the courage to stand in your truths and release fears and habits that keep you from enjoying and living a joyful life.

Read the message for your zodiac sign below to get a better idea of what to expect for the day.



Spiritual Message for Aries:

Aries, today’s Full Moon carries out things and is located along your line of work and service. Your feelings about a business are blooming. The need for extra rest and quiet or private time can be obvious. Even then, the attention you need to focus on work or health may seem uncomfortable.

It’s time to find the right balance of time spent on yourself and your services or managing your day-to-day business. Your governing planet, Mars, opposed to Neptune can be disorienting, another sign of taking and making things easy now.

Mercury starts a transit through your partnership sector until October 3, and you will have the advantage over the negotiations. It is not a question of marking intellectual points. Instead, your ability to consider the other side of the coin strengthens, helping you to love others and to offer you a whole new perspective.

Decision making, however, may not be as easy since you see things from different angles! Venus is also in the same area of ​​your theme today, with more emphasis on partnerships in the coming weeks.




Spiritual Message for Taurus:

Taurus, today’s Full Moon can bring out buried feelings about a friend or a romance. Although this is a hectic time in some respects, it will ultimately be extremely revealing for your social life, your feelings and your affections.

This Full Moon may illuminate hidden resources or feelings, although there may be some confusion about these things at the moment. A buried relationship problem can emerge and demand attention, or a friend may need your help.

Anything that’s coming up now gives you a deep insight into a problem or pre-existing question. There may be drama in your social life, but also many things that happen on the surface of things.

Also today, Mercury starts a transit through your sector of work and health. Until October 3 this messenger planet focuses on procedures and methods, the development of projects, performing household chores and organizing your living and working spaces.

This is the perfect time to update your skills and learn things that will help you improve your work and your health. It’s a stellar cycle to rearrange and deal with the details of your daily life. The job may involve special attention to detail and communication.

Watch for the tendency to worry during this time. Venus, your planet, moves in that same area of ​​your theme, bringing even more attention to the systems that allow you to live your life well.




Spiritual Message for Gemini:

Gemini, with today’s Full Moon, you will likely have some beautiful and meaningful achievements about your career or your longer-term goals. While some things remain unresolved, attention is focused on your future and a turning point or change can help you move things forward.

If you pay too much attention to your personal life, events at the moment remind you that you have to assume your responsibilities and assume external obligations or a career issue.

Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transit through your fifth solar house. Until October 3, you are in a dynamic of self-expression, socialization, and conversation or spontaneous learning.




Spiritual Message for Cancer:

Cancer, the Full Moon today can advance or complete a project. Information can be discovered that changes your perspective on a subject and the emotions are strong. Although life may be a bit chaotic, keep in mind that what you perceive today may be exaggerated.

Even in this case, there may be an essential truth, so that feeling should not be discarded. Avoid getting lost in what others are doing, thinking or saying. Instead, focus on your own needs rather than react to what others expect of you.

The desire to broaden your mind now dominates. If you need a boost or courage to do something new, this Full Moon can definitely help you! Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transit through your area of ​​heart, home and family.

And until October 3, Mercury will transit there, which may indicate a change or extra occupation in your personal life. There can be valuable learning lessons in the family – or on the family. You can be mainly concerned about personal and domestic affairs.




Spiritual Message for Leo:

Leo, Today’s Full Moon reminds you to complete your life by taking into account your personal needs and your emotions. The question of mutual concessions can become critical now. Emotions are likely to be strong in terms of money, personal effects, and respect, limit and value issues.

There may be a significant financial change or revelation in an intimate relationship. There is a tendency to go from one extreme to the other until you reach the middle ground, which can be a chaotic but useful process!

Even today, Mercury and Venus enter your third solar house. The messenger planet will stay here until October 3, stimulating and accelerating your daily affairs and arousing your curiosity. It’s a nice Mercury position and a refreshing feeling for you, although it can sometimes be hard to focus in the next few weeks.

It’s a good, painstaking work cycle, for easy and enjoyable communications, and generating new ideas or developing new interests. The questions of learning, conversation, writing, and transportation are in good shape.




Spiritual Message for Virgo:

Virgo, with the current aspect of the Full Moon and Mars-Neptune, there can be a relational drama or the discovery of strong feelings. However, there is also some uncertainty before returning to normal. Relationships and personal issues may seem bigger than they actually are right now.

Major changes, emotional statements or disagreements are possible. Nevertheless, current exchanges tend to solve things when both sides come to a better understanding instead of leaving everyone frustrated. Mercury and Venus begin their transit through your solar house today.

These planets have crossed your sign in recent weeks, helping you solve problems and clarify your mental priorities. In the future, however, you will be more concerned about practical issues. You will want to build and develop your ideas and see tangible results for your efforts. This is the perfect time to consider business improvements and organize your finances.




Spiritual Message for Libra:

Libra, today’s Full Moon is located along your axis of work and service and may illuminate a spiritual or service-related subject. There may be a work plan that comes at the right time, a health issue that requires attention, or deadlines to meet.

Awareness increases around your work or your daily business, and the balance between rest and work or your physical and mental health and can be restored! However, despite the possible turbulence or the hectic pace that you are going through, you are stimulated to discover new information that really pushes you towards the future.

Avoid exaggerations and adopt moderation for best results on a Full Moon. Today, Mercury and Venus connect to your sign, new signs indicating that you are taking a turn. Mercury will transit through your sign until October 3, and you will probably be engaged, busy and invested.

Your words will have more impact than usual and decisions are made more easily and spontaneously in the coming weeks. You are also likely to attract more attention. With Mercury in your sign, you can enjoy improved decision-making, increased alertness, and curiosity, as well as a greater ability to talk about your projects.




Spiritual Message for Scorpio:

Scorpio, Today’s Full Moon highlights the need to pay more attention to your needs for imagination, romance, and inspiration. This can mark a turning point or important discovery related to creative activities, long-term projects, and goals of happiness, recreation, romantic relationships, and friendships.

Listen to your heart, but take your time before making decisions and jumping on conclusions, because the emotions may be magnified so that you may be less insightful. This energy can produce a drama, but you should seek common ground.

Also today, Mercury and Venus are getting into your private business. Mercury will transit there until October 3rd. The coming weeks will be an opportunity to review and evaluate projects, recent interests, and studies. It is also a good time to refine a project or to complete a project.




Spiritual Message for Sagittarius:

Sagittarius, Today’s Full Moon focuses on family and home life, as well as your needs for comfort, rest and familiarity. It can illuminate things that were previously unrecognized, buried or hidden.

Although there is probably something left hanging in the air or chaotic feelings, you have new ideas and a positive and new direction. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transits through your eleventh solar house.

These transits stimulate your social life. With Mercury here until October 3, you’re ready for new inventive ideas, sharing ideas with others and networking. Valuable learning experiences can result from your association with friends, associates or groups.




Spiritual Message for Capricorn:

Capricorn, today’s Full Moon can highlight your feelings about a particular project or direction. This lunation exacerbates the emotions around you and particularly affects your immediate environment and your communications.

Intense activity related to changes, news, a short trip or a turning point in education or travel may be at the center of your concerns. If there has been recent inattention to details or daily business, it’s time to see the flaws in your plans.

Try to block unnecessary or stupid information that goes into your life now, if you can sort it. However, some emotions are real and require special treatment. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transits through your area of ​​career and reputation.

With Mercury here until October 3, it’s a time to do business, show your skills, or draw attention to your abilities. You affirm your communications more strongly. And some people take more into account what you communicate. Your career may require more communication and relationship skills in the coming weeks.




Spiritual Message for Aquarius:

Aquarius, today’s Full Moon brings more sensitivity to your financial situation or your resources, and the ideas for improvement are excellent. A financial, emotional or relational problem can be a concern, and your efforts now can bring you closer to what you want.

Even in this case, take the time to assimilate everything before taking action: the Full Moons amplify things to catch our attention! This will double the intensity with Mars in front of Neptune also in play.

Be moderate with your expectations and with what you take care of. Mercury and Venus transit through your adventure sector today. And Mercury will remain there until October 3, favoring communications and reflection in the broad sense.




Spiritual Message for Pisces:

Pisces, today’s Full Moon is happening in your sign, and your deep feelings can flourish. Alternatively, this lunation can mark an important turning point for your projects. All emotions that you have discarded, buried or ignored can now be amplified.

Knowing what is in your heart will give you power, even if you do not yet have a concrete plan to pursue what you want. Today can be chaotic, so take the time to understand your feelings before acting. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin to pass through your area of ​​shared resources.

Mercury will influence this sector until October 3 and Venus until October 8. In the coming weeks, you will tend to read between the lines and develop strategies, and you may be doing useful research or surveys. It is, therefore, a good time to bring more sense to finances. There can be deep and interesting conversations with others and precious moments of self-discovery.

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