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Which is your Power Colour? Use the colours of your Zodiac to draw energy from them.

There are many ways colours can affect us. Some colours can enhance your uniqueness, and they can bring out your true nature. These effects include increased self-confidence, restless energy calming, and capacity building.

Our Zodiac signs are unique to us. Therefore, the sequence of colours in the visible light spectrum can be correlated with each of these constellations. You can use the colours of the zodiac to draw energy from them.

This guide explains the meaning of zodiac colours and the importance of astrology. Keep reading to find out which colours bring out the best quality of your zodiac.


Aries / RED:

Spiritual Message Aries

Naturally, it is red because the primary colour of Aries is Mars and is related to Mars. The vibrant and fiery shades of most red objects symbolise the strength and energy of those born under this sign.

The red colour has historically been associated with two things: love and violence. One thing connects these meanings, and it’s a passion. Red can symbolise both strength and a spirit of enthusiasm, but some consider it too aggressive or too violent.

The human body has a natural observable response to red. Red raises the heart rate and blood pressure and makes people more “excited”. By stimulating the adrenal glands, people can act more carefully.

Red is a vibrant, stimulating, life-affirming colour that perfectly matches the emotional energy of Aries.

Aries should also lean towards brighter and sometimes even neon oranges, capturing the energy of Aries. The orange symbolises change, growth, power, and love for life.

Like red, orange can often have a physiological effect on the human body. Many restaurants use oranges in their advertisements because of their ability to stimulate their appetite.

But it simply shows the exciting, emotional energy that people born under the sign of Aries tend to exude!


Taurus / PINK:

Spiritual Message Taurus

Associated with goddesses such as Venus and Aphrodite because of its connection to Venus. Aphrodite was the goddess of love. So, the colour associated with her domain was arguably one of the most romantic colours ever.

Pink is often associated with love, innocence, childish imagination, and the first crush. Pink is known as a way to encourage people to embrace the brighter and frivolous aspects of life.

However, pink does not have to be purely easygoing. It can also represent passiveness or naivety. The same features that make it such a powerful symbol of youth and innocence can also make people hesitate to take it seriously.

Other stereotypical feminine hues can also be associated with a Taurus. The most popular Taurus colour is pink, but also consider pastel blue and purple shades to add harmony.

Warm and soft tones are usually associated with women’s energy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for men! You can add soft colours to your clothes and environment to change from uninviting to welcoming.

The Taurus sign is known as a beautiful, stable sign. As a result, all the colours associated with this sign symbolise peace, stability, and the ability to transform the world around you into the place you want to live, not anywhere.


Gemini / YELLOW:

Spiritual Message Gemini

It may seem strange that the air sign is associated with yellow, but given the mythical association of Gemini’s sign, it makes sense. Mercury was a wise, fast-paced, somewhat capricious god of Greek mythology who delivered messages from gods around the world.

Therefore, yellow seems to be a perfect match for the same vibrant energy. Yellow is often associated with an exciting quest and a sense of change. Often it is reminiscent of the early morning sunshine and the image of colourful flowers.

Yellow can also be associated with some negative implications. Sometimes it looks overly bright and aggressive and can have the nature of illness. This is in perfect agreement with a typical Gemini’s constantly changing and constantly evolving attitude.

Whatever is associated with yellow, the colour matches any mood and remains constant through sudden changes and lifestyle changes.

Gemini’s second most common colour is green. Instead of choosing dark green shades, try absorbing in warmer and brighter shades of green. As a symbol of change, growth and development, green is an excellent choice for Geminis. Green is often closely associated with the same idea that distinguishes Gemini from other zodiac signs.

Gemini may choose bright blue as the power colour. Again, this colour symbolises the optimism of the sign and its open nature while demonstrating the ability to instantly change from sunny and attractive to something darker and stormy.


Cancer / SILVER:

Spiritual Message Cancer

Cancer is a sign of the moon. For this reason, cool silver tones make sense. The calm and healing colours create the image of swimming in the moonlit night or the sea.

Silver is often associated with wealth and success, but it also has more dangerous aspects. Silver was considered deceptive, mysterious, or otherwise dishonest in some ancient cultures. Cancer is often misleading or evasive, so be sure to wear silver in moderation!

Finally, silver has long been associated with the moon gods. Silver in this context means a call to a higher purpose, a quest for meaning, and an inspiration to rise beyond the current situation.

Silver is a colour that is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe as a watch, ring or necklace and can enhance your power colour without being overwhelmed.

Other standard cancer colours include white, pale blue, grey, or cream. Keep the “moon” theme in mind when choosing the right colour for your wardrobe or interior design.

White usually represents innocence and purity, but it can also represent empty energy. But overall, the message conveys hope, optimism, and dreams for a better future.

In addition to what blue represents, grey can also represent maturity and intelligence as a relaxing, soothing colour. But it can also symbolise the indecisiveness and willingness to be overlooked in the right situation. Still, it’s a cool, almost distant colour that can enhance any environment with a slightly more sophisticated and professional look than previously displayed.


Leo / GOLD:

Spiritual Message Leo

Gold, with its symbolic meaning of power, fame, strength and influence, is one of the most valuable substances in nature and so regarded as a symbol of divinity.

Gold may look flashy, exaggerated, or a little arrogant. But gold overcomes that image with warmth and clarity, eventually becoming an amazing colour of compassion, generosity, and endless optimism.

Gold is most likely associated with Leo because of its association with the sun. Some believe it may have been caused by the relationship between Leo and the Nemean lion. It was said that even after death, the fur of animals was still shimmering like gold.

Other colours associated with Leos may not be as intuitive as you might think. It may surprise you, but purple and burnt orange has many of the – reckless energy, strength and courage, enthusiasm for life.

In general, purple is associated with aristocrats, which is one of the reasons Leo is associated with Royal Purple. Many ancient cultures have associated Deep Purple with the wealthiest and most influential people.


Virgo / GREEN:

Spiritual Message Virgo

Growth is closely related to green, and green is the power colour of Virgo because it is an element of earth and new life. The particular shade of green is not as important as what this colour represents: generosity, prosperity, luck, and reproduction.

It is the ever-changing energies that make green so attractive.

Green also evokes a feeling of safety and relaxation. Like blue, it can help you get rid of your stress and anxiety at the end of the day.

Virgo’s other colours are based on staying within the same colour family. Therefore, power colours that are popular here are a variety of earthy tones, such as brown, subdued yellow, and other richer shades.

Most earth tones are dark brown, yellow, orange, and red and have similarly grounded usefulness and life potential.

Align yourself with an almost autumn colour scheme to capture the ground energy of Virgo, setting it apart from the busy or more aggressive signs of Virgo.


Libra / BLUE:

Spiritual Message Libra

Libra’s power colour is light blue, but it can be any shade. Studies show that blue can lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, create a calm sensation, and escape a busy world.

Therefore, blue is often associated with peace, credibility, and quiet optimism. Blue is often referred to as an “honest” colour because it conveys reliability and reliability.

Some people may consider blue to an overly conservative, predictable, or even sad. Still, if you’re in a chaotic situation and need to regain the calm, all you really need is a bit of blue in your life.

The Libra sign is technically associated with a brighter colour because its power colour is distorted towards the more brilliant edge of the colour spectrum. Therefore, the other colours associated with this symbol are also inherently bright colours. In general, it is advisable to choose cool pastel colours.

Libra’s other power colours are pastel pink, pistachio green, lavender and peach-orange. Each colour makes a clear difference from bright relatives, as “normal” colours are more aggressive.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Sign strives for harmony and balance. Many of Libra’s power colours are more subdued, more peaceful and have less “your face” than traditional colours.

Generally, you stick to these subdued colours but try warm shades to take things one step further.  Focus on the balance, harmony, and overall sense of calm that pastel colours provide.


Scorpio / BLACK:

Spiritual Message Scorpio

Often getting a bad wrap, black seems to have a much more negative meaning than a positive one. Black is often associated with mourning in most Western cultures and is related to sadness, loss and depression. Beyond that, black can be seen as aggressive and offensive to many.

In much of history, black also meant strength, authority, power, and influence. In ancient Egypt, black was the colour of life as it symbolised the rich and fertile soil of the ready fields.

Black is still a sophisticated and elegant colour that will liven up every event and offer a mysterious and luxurious taste on every occasion. Timeless class and effortless fame must be more than enough to overcome the fleeting negativity.

Scorpio has many colours linked with it, which are also dark and dramatic and easily intrigued by the power colour theme. For a warmer colour scheme, choose blood red, crimson, or maroon to capture the extravagant sophistication that sometimes accompanies Scorpio.

In the fashion and lifestyle world, black is a popular shade, but it doesn’t have to be that dark. Choose a deep dark purple or navy blue, colour of this intensity can have the same effect and importance as black or red without maximising the aggressive intensity.

Overall, the colours should be bold and dramatic, regardless of the shade of Scorpio. As long as you stick to the colours that attract everyone’s attention, it’s very difficult to mistake them for Scorpio.


Sagittarius / PURPLE:

Spiritual Message Sagittarius

The purple symbol has a full effect only under Sagittarius. Purple is not only the colour of royalty but also the colour of wisdom and mystery.

For centuries, Sagittarius was regarded as a sign of prophets, mystics, and prophets. Since Greek mythology has associated many centaurs with prophecies, it is no wonder that purple is associated with spirituality, wisdom, fantasy, and foresight.

It doesn’t matter which shade you prefer. Purple has the true magical power to rejuvenate everyday interactions and stir your imagination. The negative effects of purple may be associated with strong emotions, sensitivities, and even immaturity, but overall it is a noble colour associated with luxury, conspiracy, and higher consciousness.

The signs of Sagittarius do not tolerate many changes. In fact, Sagittarius’ power colours fall into the same general colour scheme. If you’re looking for a true Royal Purple alternative, consider Dark Blue or Plum.

Some of the Sagittarius power colours have the same visual impact as the Scorpio power colours. Sagittarius has long been associated with all forms of mysticism and magic. Its dark blue, red and purple colours are intended to remind you of the past.


Capricorn / BROWN:

Spiritual Message Capricorn

Firstly, brown is not a boring colour so don’t be afraid to explore a bit more. As a colour, brown has long been associated with strength, wisdom, and the ability to withstand the challenges of time.

Brown represents maturity and sharp and sharp intelligence. Most ancient societies also valued it for the same reason as black: rich tones reflect growth and the potential for new life. Since brown is one of the strongest colours on Earth, it is associated with Capricorn’s status as an Earth element.

Brown can also represent the moral status of an ironclad warship and is often associated with loyalty, family, and strong moral values, which separate them from the world around them and seem to be constantly lost.

Capricorns are usually associated with bones, teeth and skin. Therefore, other Capricorn power colours are associated with coldness, keen determination, and a sense of immobility.

Look to shades of grey as a symbol of stability, whilst black can represent luxury, conspiracy, and sophistication.

Consider choosing an earthstone with sharp edges. But don’t be afraid to get dark. Capricorn is a sign of the Earth in its centre and you can choose the colour adaptively. Still, Capricorn as a sign tends to prefer neutral colours of grey, black, white, and brown to create a discreet, reliable, and sometimes mysterious look.


Aquarius / BLUE:

Spiritual Message Aquarius

Aquarius’ main power colour is, of course, bright blue. The main difference between this shade of blue and those used in other constellations is its strength and energy.

In contrast to other constellations that prefer pale pastel shades of blue or dark, dramatic shades, Aquarius prefers bright, cheerful shades reminiscent of the open sea or sky. Aquarius is often associated with the body’s bioelectric centre. This may explain why people born under that sign are leaning towards energetic and exciting shades of blue.

Consider a slightly greenish-blue or a slightly lighter blue than you would normally think. These colours represent life, change, and the potential for growth and evolution beyond the usual blue meaning.

Aquarius has the properties of air, not water, so you may want to avoid colours that appear to be too oceanic. In this regard, deeper shades of green and black can feel a bit depressing or overly dramatic.

Instead, you may be attracted to more “airy” colours. Look for a pale yellow or golden tone that reflects the movement of celestial bodies in the sky. Another popular option for Aquarius’ is white. This reflects the bright energy of the outdoors and the dazzling warmth of the sun above. Ideally, the colours should be warm, energetic, and fully changeable in an instant.

But overall, you probably have to stick to the true colours of Aquarius. This is the same gentle and attractive off-blue shade of turquoise and aquamarine.


Pisces / GREEN:

Pisces is very much related to the sea, so its colour should be. The best colour for Pisces is green, especially Seafoam Green. Bright, almost pastel shades evoke endless energy and ever-changing waves of the open ocean.

Seafoam green looks almost blue at first glance, but the powerful shades of green give pastel colours a lively excitement. Pisces chooses colours related to life, growth, change, and luck, and their quality is reflected in the green you choose.

In addition, the slightly subdued and harmonious notes of Seafoam Green are the symbol of Pisces. The more you want to unite the people around you, the more likely you are to develop an affinity for these particular shades of green.

Pisces has a strong affinity for the ocean, so most of the colours that Pisces prefers fall into the same general category. Scorpio seeks Sagittarius drama and mysticism, while Pisces seeks empathy, harmony, and the power of the sea.

Find shades of blue and green reminiscent of the ocean. Almost all shades of blue and turquoise fit your powerful colour wheel, so don’t be afraid to choose the one you find most comfortable.

Neutral will be blue-grey or green-grey, reminiscent of what the ocean looks like after a storm. You should not be afraid to accept the unique qualities that make your sign stand out from the other signs of the zodiac cycle. Pisces is one of the strongest signs of water.



Using these colours for your zodiac sign will help you draw energy from the various signs. You can do this by wearing a birthstone and a power colour. Using the right colours can also help you create an impressive uniform. So give your power colours a go!

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