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These 3 Zodiac Signs Might Have a Challenging July 2020

Everything is cyclical and each of the four seasons represents different phases of life. The seasons affect us all differently: some respond better during fall and winter, while others thrive during spring and summer.

When you look at the upcoming forecast, July 2020 will, unfortunately, be the worst month for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and this is because their zodiac archetype is not comfortable in the element of water.

In addition to the fact that the Cancer season is in full force, July begins with the return of Saturn retrograde to its home sign, Capricorn, on July 1. Saturn is often called “Father Time” and “Lord of Karma,” given its authoritarian essence and general ruthlessness, and its positioning in your natal chart easily determines the areas where you will face challenges and setbacks in your life.

This transit marks the last time that Saturn will cross Capricorn for the next 27 to 29 years. A few days later, the July 5 full moon lunar eclipse will also move into Capricorn governed by Saturn, so it doesn’t hurt to check which astrological house belongs to this cardinal earth sign in your birth chart to understand how it will affect you.

Lunar eclipses bring powerful endings and this eclipse will be the last in the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series, which will only highlight its effects. For more context on the meaning of the end of this chapter in your life, think back to the solar eclipse of the new moon on July 12, 2018, as this was the first of this particular series.

Although this month marks the start of a new chapter, the energy of the eclipse could also mark a difficult period for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:




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You are experiencing a powerful catharsis. Do not be intimidated by this month’s Astro weather, Gemini. Instead, take a minute to think back to the new moon solar eclipse in July 2018. How has your financial stability and self-esteem changed since then?

Although several aspects are happening this month, the July 5 full moon eclipse will be the main celestial attraction. Retrograde Saturn will have already returned to your eighth erotic house of sex, joint ventures, and transformation, and there are still a few things that you still need to revise, especially your personal debt and your intimate relationships.

This area of your chart has everything to do with the energy you give and receive in return, so pay close attention to these personal themes. Who knows, there may also be a legal process involved in your life that is coming to an end.

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Your inner strength will be put to the test. Pat yourself on the back, Libra. You have been a powerful support system for your loved ones for the past few years, and now you are ready to stay in your power.

The backward shift of retrograde Saturn in your fourth house of family and emotional foundation on July 1 sets the tone for the month, which means there are a few things to reconsider and review, especially with regard to your living space and your family dynamics.

Whether you plan to expand the nest or move to a location better suited to your needs, the full moon lunar eclipse on July 5 will certainly pave the way for a transformative new start. Hang in there and let the universe work in your favor.





You let go and surrender to spirit. Let it all go, Aquarius. You will not need this spiritual residue and this feeling of guilt where you are going. Whether you’ve had trouble with something internally or are keeping to yourself more than usual, there is no need to think too much.

In fact, retrograde Saturn enters your twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, and everything that goes on behind the scenes for a final “deep cleansing”, so let the Lord of Karma do its work. The July 5 full moon lunar eclipse will also shake this area of your chart, giving you the opportunity to go inward.

Something else you will want to do is rest and retire to your inner sanctuary at this time. Remember that all of these twelfth house activities are essential for your spiritual growth and evolution. The universe’s got your back, so let yourself bloom.

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