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What is Your Dark Side Based on the Zodiac Sign?

Every sign of the zodiac has a not really positive feature that remains in the shade but that is always present, just like the moon with its phases. Find out what your dark side is!

All the zodiac signs, just like the Moon, have a dark side, a dark side that characterizes them and that reveals itself only in particular moments. And sometimes you do not even know you own it. But among the characteristics of the zodiacal signs, there is also a part in the shade, a hidden part of itself, but which can reveal much of each sign. The fascination of the astral signs is linked to the ever deeper knowledge of the qualities, defects, and characteristics of each sign of the Zodiac.




Aries, the dark side characteristic is anxiety

Aries, like all fire signs, wants to excel in everything he is involved even if this results in anxiety at an alarming performance. The typical characteristic of Aries, in fact, competitiveness, clashes with this hidden side that makes it difficult to manage stress. Relax!


Taurus, the dark side characteristic is being capricious

Sensitive and attached to the family but also very rebellious and possessive, the sign of Taurus is one of the most stubborn of the zodiac and making him change his mind is not at all simple, especially when it comes to whims. The Taurus is one that points the feet and there is no way to move it.


Gemini, the dark side characteristic is self-centeredness

Not always this characteristic comes out in a disruptive way but the Twins feel very much the influence of Venus, which makes them self-centered and even vain, always eager to be at the center of the scene. If you want to achieve the happiness of a Gemini invite him to talk about himself but prepare for an overload of information!


Cancer, the dark side characteristic is impulsivity

Typical of the signs of fire, impulsivity also strongly affects Cancer which is found just like its dominant planet to live with a side of itself very present and impact, which comes out on a regular basis. It is not difficult, in fact, to find oneself often faced with an irascible sign that lets itself be taken by instinct, without putting reason before it.


Leo, the dark side characteristic is confidentiality

Who knows how many secrets the Lion hides behind his mane! The sign of the Sun is in fact self-centered, strong but also extremely reserved and having information from him is very rare, a sign of profound trust. If in fact the Lion always shows his extroverted and companion side, know that it also hides a bit of insecurity and a lot of privacy.


Virgo, the dark side characteristic is eternal indecision

Precisely when it comes to working and eternally undecided when talking about free time and friendships, the Virgo moves quickly between yes and no in almost every field of her life. Mercury then does not help to clear the ideas and being the dominant planet of this sign, it is not surprising if the decisions are slow to arrive from this sign of earth.


Libra, the dark side characteristic is negativity

The Libra is among the most negative horoscope signs ever and is affected by every single movement of the planets, so he ends up being one of the most restless and suspicious of the entire zodiac. “If something goes wrong, it will go wrong” here is the motto of this sign of air that sees optimism as an excess of good intentions.


Scorpio, the dark side characteristic is the tendency to gossip

The unsuspectable Scorpio are among the most gossipy signs of the zodiac, with a normal inclination to gossip given also by the movements of its two dominant planetsPluto and Mars. Do not expect to see this sign at the center of attention when it comes to asking for information but you are sure that there will be a chat dedicated to you on the phone of this sign, ouch!


Sagittarius, the dark side characteristic is laziness

Combative to the end and willing to get involved, the Sagittarius is, however, a very lazy sign that hides a cuddly side and tied to the armchair. Sleeping and unprepared to social relationships, except with a close circle of trusted people, this sign of fire tends to be the laziest of the zodiac.


Capricorn, the dark side characteristic is sensitivity

Concrete and diligent until exhaustion but also extremely sweet and sensitive. The protected ones of Saturn hide an endless sensibility that leads them to be taciturn and reflective on different occasions of life, even if this sign of earth tends to bury this aspect so present of his personality.


Aquarius, the dark side characteristic is the ease of judgment

To the air sign of Aquarius, it takes very little to give a judgment on who you are, what he likes about you and what he hates. The protected of Saturn and Uranus, in fact, relies heavily on the first impression and making him change his mind is really complicated. Either you’re “in” or you’re “out”, no middle way.


Pisces, the dark side characteristic is lacking direction

Pisces lacks direction. They tend to be space cadets and accidentally aloof. They’re supposed to be the oldest and wisest sign, but they tend to be gullible.

Pisces are spacey and aloof. They love “going with the flow.”



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