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What is Your Powerful Nature Spirit, According to Your Zodiac Sign

As energetic beings, we are also linked to more things in this world than we tend to realize. While animals and the forces of nature as a whole may not be as attractive to some, those who know the real connection respect it highly.

Each zodiac sign is connected to a different spirit of nature and by understanding this spirit of nature, we can also work to understand ourselves better.

These nature spirits provide us with different “powers” and really highlight some of the differences between each zodiac sign as a whole. To discover your nature spirit, take a look at your sign below.





It is generally believed that fire spirits take the form of a salamander. If you are an Aries, the salamander is your natural spirit, and this is where you get your sense of passion. Although you are usually the type to lose sight of what really matters to you, you are courageous and able to recognize your mistakes which can be attributed to the salamander.

Like the salamander, you are harmless until you need to show your true colors and are adventurous enough. That said, the more you nourish your soul, the more you grow, which is also true for the fire that burns with the salamander itself.






Gnomes are beings who act as guardians of the Earth. They may be a bit materialistic like you, but they also care deeply about those who are closest to them.

As a Taurus, you draw much of your knowledge from the power of these creatures. Thanks to them, you can flourish in many ways.






Sylphs are essentially women who are supernatural in their origins. They inhabit the air and are extremely capable in more ways than you imagine. Because of your connection with these beings, you are someone that many people find very attractive and often admire.

Although you cannot always have things where you want them to be, you are still working towards something. Sylphs are not the kind of creatures that break down, and they always know what to say, that in many ways is also very similar to you.






Most of us all know what mermaids are. They are half-human/half fish in the sense that they have human characteristics while having a fin to swim with and no legs. Mermaids are extremely skilled in what they do and they are able to win even the most frustrating opponents.

Like the mermaid, you are quite capable too. You tap into the strength they provide and, because of that, you can handle most things with grace. Even though this world can be quite cruel to you, you remain optimistic and happy despite everything.

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Griffins are truly breathtaking creatures. They are mostly half lion/half eagle. They have characteristics of both and are quite intimidating to look at even in simple paintings.

Like you, the griffin is a force to be reckoned with. You are very strong and able to hold on and you gain a lot of griffin power in this area. It always travels the world in a way that leaves both mystery and respect.






Overall, elves are a type of creature that tends to play tricks on people of this world. They like to make fun of others and always find themselves in awkward situations for their own fun. Like the elf, you are also quite the trickster.

You can think of pretty fascinating things through the powers they lend you and if you use these thoughts for disruptive or useful concepts, it’s your decision.






Fairies are among the best known supernatural beings. These are tiny creatures with wings that seem to look like humans. They have great power and are able to help others or hold them back depending on how they use them.

As a Libra, you too can help or hold others back depending on how you apply yourself to a situation. You are very motivated and do your best to find the truth and work for justice, which you gain from the fairies. Although they are not always the best at making a decision, they always have the interests of those who matter to them in mind.






These types of creatures are sea nymphs. Although they hold great power and can cause serious damage, they don’t want to have to go that route. You seem to have this in common with them, big time.

That being said, these creatures have a very soft side which most of them forget about their existence. They are able to feel the pain of others and therefore often help the most unexpected people. Although it hurts them sometimes, they keep trying.

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The dragon and Sagittarius are very related in many ways. Although the dragon is usually a large creature that has wings, four legs, breathes fire, and is quite intimidating overall, they are not inherently evil as most assume. They are adventurous and love to see new places while discovering new things along the way.

Like the dragon, as a Sagittarius, you are very lucky and things often go your way. The more you push yourself, the further you go and your inner power really shows itself. You are both on the same page in many ways.






Pixies, in general, look a lot like fairies, but also more-so mischievous in nature. You don’t like to hurt others but you love to give lessons.

Like the elf, you are a very joyful being who loves the little things in life. You can gain a powerful perspective of these tiny forest creatures.






Harpies are “monsters” that cause a lot of torment in many older myths. They are half-human/half-bird and produce winds that support many storms. Like harpy, you stay closed and to yourself most of the time. You are misunderstood by most and never seem to feel like you fit in.

That being said, you also gain a lot from harpies. Rather than being a breeze, you know your strengths and are unwilling to step back when things go wrong. If you see a place where a change is needed, make sure the change occurs. You are a force that many cannot ignore.





Water sprites

Water sprites are beings that we think are capable of breathing underwater but also above. In many cases, they can even fly. These beings are harmless unless threatened and generally quite beautiful.

You, like water sprites, are also harmless unless threatened. You don’t let others get under your skin, but once you are mad, you explode. You get a lot of your creativity out of the water sprites because these beings are always working to discover new things and express their passions.

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