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What Type of Lover Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Would you like to know the type of lover you are in relationships? Let’s look at the stars for advice and answers.

Sure, you probably think you know the kind of person you are in the office or at home, but when it comes to love, things tend to get complicated.

The truth is that we see ourselves as we see ourselves, not how things really are. Isn’t perspective a funny thing? Don’t worry, we have the answers you are looking for.

Fortunately, your zodiac sign and the stars never lie. Here’s an honest look at what you are in relationships, according to your zodiac sign:




AriesYes, you have a bad temper when things don’t go your way. Short fuses and a general moodiness make you a person who is not easy to be with, but you also have your positive aspects.

It can be difficult for your partner to know where you come from sometimes, and he can try to step on eggs so as not to disturb you.

However, once you find that person who really helps you on all levels, you will stick with them for the rest of your life. You are committed.





TaurusThe practical and reliable stigma of Taurus does not go too far in the relational sense.

You prefer logic and stability to romantic gestures, even if you will not complain if they bring you nice gifts from time to time.

You are not boring, exactly, but you just want to know what is in store for you. As we said… practical.





GeminiWho said they wanted a crazy adventure in their love life? Gemini. You are confident, fun, and laid back, and some would even say that you are charming.

However, you have less than stellar tendencies. You are unable to make and stick to decisions, which could push your partner up the wall.





CancerWhy do you wonder if people love you, Cancer? If you could just accept that yes, people like you, you would probably have fewer relationship problems.

There is a lot going on with your emotions, but you just need a healthy outlet to express yourself.

Things could be really great for your love life if you could let go of these insecurities. Nobody wants to have to reassure someone that they love them 24 hours a day.

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LeoEveryone loves a Leo after all, your sign is one of the most magnetic of the zodiac. People tend to fall in love with you instantly before they really know you.

You are a great conversationalist and the party life, but you also love hard and fast. If someone can’t follow you, then goodbye.

You have a big heart, but unfortunately, a large part belongs to you and to you alone.





VirgoStop working so hard, Virgo. Put at least some of the effort back into yourself, a relationship takes two people, not one. You can’t do it all by yourself and you shouldn’t have to do it.

As analytical and reliable as you are, you approach everything with a methodical approach. Except for love.

Know that you are also worth someone’s effort, and as much as you like them, they should love you too.





LibraStop underestimating yourself, Libra. In relationships, you have to stop apologizing so much. You don’t have to be “sorry” for everything, especially for things that are not your fault and completely out of your control.

You are a great partner in a relationship because you care about your partner’s feelings, don’t forget to care about yourself too.





ScorpioThe passionate and fiery Scorpio is to be wary. You are a warrior of truth and revenge comes from your words, so being in touch with you can be an intense experience.

You are proud of everything you do and expect your partner to have the same desire for greatness. Unfortunately, this leads you to your competitive nature which some people do not manage very well.

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SagittariusSagittarius the comedian, you are very charming and your sense of humor generally lights up the way to great friendships.

You would like to be friends with as many people as possible, but of course, some of them lead to relationships.

And when the relationship ends, you want to go back to your ex and become friends. Stop that, because it can’t work for everyone. You see the best of your partners, so try to see the best of you too.




CapricornThe responsible and reliable Capricorn. Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, you are the owner of the bunch.

Not always a bad thing, but you tend to remind people “what could go wrong”. Someone will appreciate your pessimistic side, but not everyone will want to be there very long.

Look on the bright side from time to time, your partner may thank you.





AquariusYou love your independence. Although you may be emotional and overly attentive at times, Aquarius, you are true to a fault.

But, you also need your space or you will start to hold it against the other person.

Other interesting details about your love life: you are adventurous in your relationship if someone gets too close and you are not ready, you will leave without a trace, and you have a zero-tolerance policy for shady shenanigans.





PiscesWe all know how sensitive you are, Pisces. You have a heart of gold and compassion is one of your main traits. You enjoy creative expression in all aspects of your life, especially relationships.

Always looking for an interesting way to show yourself that you care. You like to make people feel good about themselves, especially your other half.

They’re not all rainbows and butterflies, you have a dark side if someone pushes you too far

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