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Which Number Brings You Love, Luck and Prosperity, According to Your Zodiac Sign

In astrology, numbers are not just abstract. They have a certain energy, which affects people in a particular way.

This information is directly related to the influence of the planets. In other words, each zodiac sign has a lucky number. And some have one that only causes problems and complications.

Numbers are all around us – addresses, telephone numbers, license plates, dates of events important to us … If we are able to manage them, all this will work to our advantage!



The Sun – 1: Leo

The sun greatly affects people born under the sign of Leo. The number one is a symbol of the start of positive activity and success in business. Number 1 for Leos is simply “a pole of attraction for success”.

A number that Leos should watch out for is 2. It will always slow them down and prevent their development.




The Moon – 2: Cancer

Number 2 brings the power of love and security that is so necessary and never enough for Cancer. This number brings it luck and peace – 22, 222, 2222… Cancer should avoid numbers 1, 10, 100, 1000…!

Number 2 can be combined with 7 (27, 272.7272), which removes the influence of 1.




Mars – 3: Aries and Scorpio

Three is a lucky number for Aries and Scorpio. You should know that in all areas of competition or development, it is best to be surrounded by the number 3, such as your mobile phone number, address, etc … to make significant progress and attract prosperity.

You can use number 3 in the form of a talisman or jewel with a triangle to evoke it.




Mercury – 4: Gemini and Virgo

This is the energy of knowledge, deep thought, science, commerce and the exchange of information. Number 4 brings happiness to Gemini and Virgo. And its strength is twofold if the person works as a journalist, entrepreneur, translator, writer, editor, and any information activity.

These stars should always use the square as an ornament.




Jupiter – 5: Sagittarius

Number 1 also has powerful positive energy for Sagittarius. Especially if his work is linked to constant communication with people. Sagittarians are the darlings of fate and we have a new proof of this.

Whatever other numbers, if there is even a number 5, it is a chance for them. For example, 12345. The perfect piece of jewelry for them is a five-point star.




Venus 6: Libra and Taurus

Six has a particular harmony which is very important for Libra and Taurus. Numbers bring them luck and satisfaction if these signs do something they love. Number 6 will help them a lot in love.

For example, the perfect wedding date for them would be 06/06. They also have “friendly” numbers, which can combine the 6 creating an even stronger effect. For example, relationship and marriage – combine with 4 (64or 46). For more creativity and success combine with 9.




Saturn – 7: Capricorn

Seven as a whole is a lucky number, but in its everyday aspect, luck goes to Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of obstacles. Representatives of this zodiac sign will take care of all difficulties.

There is something mystical about it – number 7 helps them “hear” the advice of their guardian angels.




Uranus – 8: Aquarius

Eight is a lucky number for Aquarius. Number 8 is a double image, helping them to draw energy from the invisible dimensions towards them. 8 is the number of different, talented, original people, with a higher level than the rest, but unfortunately, they are regularly misunderstood.

8 is a symbol of infinity, helping Aquarius to be always energetic and creative. It can be considered a spiral, so any jewelry or object with spiral elements will bring luck to this sign.




Neptune – 9: Pisces

9 is a symbol of completeness, closing the circle. It represents adulthood. Pisces must avoid sharp objects and should in no case use sharp jewelry. The ornament of this zodiac sign is a circle.

Number 9 in combination with 2 improves (92 or 29) intuition and helps to make the right decision in difficult times. In combination with 6, (96 or 69) it helps to attract love.




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