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11 Signs You Are on The Right Track to Achieve Advanced Consciousness

We are all connected and we all have the capacity to reach a higher consciousness. Of course, we haven’t all reached it, but some of us have.

We are all on different tracks of our spiritual journey, so if you have not yet managed to get where you are going, do not worry. You will get there in time. Even taking the first step towards the ascent is a huge milestone in itself.

Below is a list of signs that you are on the right track to achieve your goals. That being said, when it comes to being very advanced, there is always room for improvement. As humans, we learn forever. Just because your consciousness is higher does not mean that you have learned everything you need to learn. The life of the lessons has no end.

11 Signs You Are on The Right Track to Achieve Advanced Consciousness:



1. You think we have to cooperate with each other.

In order to protect the common good, you have agreed to work with others. Even if it’s someone you don’t like, you can manage.

We must share the responsibility of conquering this world together.




2. You understand the sentence “we are all one.”

Unity is no longer a distant concept for you. You feel the connection and understand it. You now know that the source is where we all come from.




3. You are rational and do not allow your ego to interfere with anything.

You can rise above everything you need to solve a problem. You act as you should, regardless of your emotions.

For example, if you hate someone, you always do what you can to help them when they are down.

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4. You always tell the truth.

Lying is no longer an option. You do not like to lie and you will not allow those around you to lie.

You can feel the energy that a lie puts into the world and it is not good.




5. You know the true value of life.

You truly honor all of life and do everything you can to respect it. Killing other embodied beings, whatever the circumstance, is against your strong moral code.

You help those who cannot help themselves and you really make room for yourself. It’s part of your goal.




6. You take care of the environment.

You know how important this planet is and you do your best to take care of it. You are gradually doing everything you can to make this world a better place.

This world is the only one we have and you know it needs to be taken care of.




7. You don’t believe in “ownership”.

You share everything you can. You believe that everything in this world belongs to everyone, and we should all help each other.

If you have food and see a homeless person, you will certainly share it.




8. You are not afraid of missing anything.

You know the source will make sure you have everything you need. Because of your awareness of the connection between you, everything will be fine.

You will never run out of everything you really need.




9. You firmly believe in healing.

When something bad happens, you don’t see it as a need for punishment but a need for healing. Healing saves much more than punishment.

You know how ignorant the world can be about this.

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10. You work to guide others.

When someone comes to you for advice, you give them advice. You don’t drive people away or force them on their way. You are a teacher for those who need it.




11. Competition is not a thing for you.

You don’t pay attention to this kind of thing. You only do what you think is necessary. If someone does it before you, so be it.


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    Daily horoscope are good guiders

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    D.m.t the God particle. Woke me suddenly. 32 Jacob saw face of God and he named it Mount Pineal. Jfmamjjasond 12 mths of year. Am son . Nans name was june. Mr Anthony Mark Cozens.. wow. D.m.t enters the feutus on the 49th day of gestation period and when you dream tonight thats all thanks to d.m.t. Also when you die the brain floods Nndimethylytryptamine from the Pineal Gland. Minds eye. Seat of the soul. Look at Mike Tyson talk of his divine experience and Sir Paul Mcartney

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