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4 Ways You can Take Care of Yourself by using Crystals

Obviously, crystals would have many practical powers in the world in general. Did you know that all of our computer technology is based on the core of the element that makes up the crystals? For information, it’s silicon but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to being a huge amount of data storage and computer technology, crystals also have an effect on your body. It’s all about finding the best crystal for its particular use and sometimes the best way to do it is to just load a whole bunch of them.

Here are 4 ways you can use crystals to help heal your body. Before you begin, let me share with you this condition for the use of all crystals: Let them rest in the sun for several hours before using them, this will charge them with the energy of life of the sun and the energy will be transmitted from the crystals to you.

Now that your crystals are all loaded, you can do the following:



1. Keep them near you.

I know, it the simplest thing to do. Literally, carrying the crystal on you is like having a small piece of the planet loaded statistically that will give you energy power throughout the day. You can wear it as a bracelet, a necklace, a belt buckle or just put it in your pocket.

Of course, you can go deep with meditation with Crystal Stone. Place an agglomerate of crystals on your body, lie back and relax for half an hour. You’ll feel rested and healthy after.

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2. Make living water.

Make living water

My definition of living water is water that has contained crystals in it for a long period of time. Soak in a jug of water crystals overnight or even just for an hour or two before drinking.

The crystals create an energetic infusion with the water and the structure of the water is energetically aligned with the vibration of the crystals. It is quite possible that you will never again feel the need to drink coffee again, the living water is good to drink!




3. The Chakra bed.

The Chakra bed.

When you go to bed, take 7 crystals (one for each chakra) and align them under your mattress or where your body is when you fall asleep. Throughout the night, your body will connect with the vibration of the crystals and you will wake up much more rested!

I have tried this dozen of times and shared it with many people who have achieved the same results. Wake up revitalized in the morning with plenty of energy and lively! The results are simply incredible.

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4. Spread the love.

Have you ever heard of “Ubuntu”? It is a South African phrase that means “We are one. How is it possible for one of us to be happy while others are sad?”.

Realize the pain of the many people around you, people are suffering and are in trouble. You have the opportunity to see it before it happens by arranging the situation. Even something as simple as giving a crystal or carrying it in your backpack or purse can create energy waves through the fields of consciousness all around you and coming back to you in many ways. It’s the butterfly effect.

If you are part of a whole and there is suffering around you, one of the best things you can do is to create a transformation and healing in the world around you. As the healing of the world grows, you heal and vice versa.

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  1. Maya

    I really love this but the crystal I have is citrine. Carnelian, clear quartz, and amethyst,

    1. Spirit

      They will work great 🙂

  2. dee lacy

    My daughter has severe headaches. What would help her.

    1. Spirit

      First, you should check with your doctor to make a diagnosis. You could try the Living Water Technique and make sure your daughter is eating healthy and having enough sleep. Stress is also a great factor that causes severe headaches. We wish her a fast recovery 🙂

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