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11 Signs from the Universe to Stop What You Are Doing

The first perspective is that we are completely alone in this world, in a dog-eat-dog society, where everything ends up falling on our shoulders.

Like Atlas in mythology, we think that we must carry the weight of the world without any support or advice, because “this is what it means to be human”. This prospect says that we have to compete, fight and accumulate, because “there is not enough good to go around”.

The second perspective is that we are not really alone, and although the ego may feel separated from others, spiritually, we are all connected. Not only are we all fundamentally One, but we also have access to advice whenever we need help.

Although this orientation can take the form of an angelic, spiritual, totemic, ancestral, or synchronic aid, any orientation is always a manifestation of the divine or higher Self. Not only that but because the Divine is the eternal source of all abundance, there is always enough good to go around.

Depending on your point of view, you will agree or disagree with this article. Personally, my experience shows me that the second perspective, that the Divine always guides us, is the closest to the truth. Let me explain why.

When I understood the prospect that everything depended mainly on us and what we could “make” happen, I was always full of fear and my heart was closed toward others. I thought I had to fight my way through life and, since my energy stores were limited, I had to desperately hang on to my successes and achievements.

Over time, this prospect led my heart to become more and more closed. I would feel suspicion, anger, and even resentment toward others who “blocked” my abundance or tried to “take it away”. Not only that, but I was completely exhausted, just like the poor Atlas!

Finally, what I can only call Divine Guidance helped me see that nothing in this life really belongs to me. Everything is given by the Divine, and everything is taken away by the Divine. Even obstacles and roadblocks can be sacred signs of the universe and disguised gifts, helping us to realign with our real-life paths.



How does the universe communicate with us?

Most people are surprised to discover that the Universe is extremely present in our lives and emerges in even the most mundane details. At any moment, we can listen to the guidance, wisdom, and love of the Divine if we are open and receptive.

You don’t even have to be religious or spiritual to understand what the Universe is communicating with you. In fact, it is sometimes better not to have ideas or beliefs about how the Universe “should” communicate with you.

Many people believe that the Divine only speaks through amazing, miraculous, and ethereal events, and unfortunately, this blocks the flow of communication. But the truth is that the Divine is just as present in the filth and banality of daily life as in “special” moments. The Universe sends messages everywhere.

I received messages from the Divine in the shower, on the toilet, while doing the dishes, cleaning, shopping, and many other common situations. Quite often, the Universe will communicate through dreams, strange “coincidences”, repetitive numbers and words, songs, animals, meditation, other people, random objects, and other endless forms.

And yes, the Universe will also tell you when you make the wrong decision. No matter what you call the Eternal Force (be it God, Life, Jehovah, Shiva, Shakti, etc.), it is inseparable from you, and therefore knows what corresponds and does not correspond to your destiny.

Through our eyes, the universe is perceived. Through our ears, the universe listens to its harmonies. We are the witness by which the universe becomes aware of its glory, its magnificence.
~ Alan Watts

The Divine flows perfectly within us and without us, constantly trying to attract our attention and guide our decisions. When we are governed by the will of the little self (the ego), we tend to follow paths that are ultimately not beneficial to us. We make bad choices, do things that hurt us and hurt others, and lose touch with our life goal.




How do you tell if you’re on the right path?

The Universe will send many signs! Do not worry. And when you get these signs, don’t worry either. As long as you are careful, ask the Divine to guide you further, and try to change course, you will quickly return to a healthy and beneficial path.

Remember that not all of the warning signs of the Universe that you encounter are there to hurt you, but rather to alert you. Sometimes the warning signs even take the form of a big slap on the face saying “wake up!” While these signs may be shocking or alarming, they ultimately arise for our greater good. So be attentive, approach them with humor, and be careful.

Here are 11 common warning signs from the Universe telling you to stop what you are doing:




1. Unexpected delays:

For example, you may get stuck in traffic, miss your train, find that airline tickets are booked, or find that a spontaneous event occurs that disrupts your plans.



2. A feeling of unease in your stomach:

You may feel restlessness or sickness inside you. This negative gut feeling may not go away, regardless of your thoughts or plans.



3. Losing things frequently:

Either something is stolen from you, or you lose things. The temporary shock of losing something wakes you up.



4. Getting on fights frequently:

Flaming arguments and stupid disagreements keep coming up. These arguments can be with your loved ones or with random strangers.



5. Sleep problems:

You can’t stop thinking and it keeps you from falling asleep. You might have a single thought that keeps spinning around your mind or a scary scenario that can repeat itself over and over.



6. Getting sick again and again:

Illness seems to keep you from doing what you want to do. You can develop chronic headaches, migraines, colds, or other forms of illness that cause you to slow down.



7. Being more clumsy than usual:

You could continue to cut your foot, bump your elbow, trip, drop things, etc.



8. Dread or anxiety:

An inexplicable feeling of dread or anxiety seems to follow you wherever you go, as if “something really bad” is going to happen.



9. Seeing bad omens frequently:

Negative omens are very personal and subjective, and as such, they change all the time. Therefore, instead of seeing negative omens as fixed or objective “facts”, just view them as subjective signs that your mind detects and perceives to be true to you at a specific time.

For example, I might see a flock of black crows as a negative omen or broken traffic lights as a sign that a certain decision on my part is wrong. Be aware and aware of how your mind reacts to different signs throughout the day.



10. Accidents:

Accidents are often great signs that it is time to change course immediately. Accidents can be physical or emotional/mental. For example, you could accidentally say something to offend your boss, which will prevent him from giving you regular shifts.

On the other hand, you could have a car accident or have a household problem that will keep you paralyzed in a bed for a few days or weeks.



11. Strange roadblocks and challenges:

For whatever reason, things don’t line up, no matter how hard you try. You continue to encounter obstacles and barriers that prevent you from getting what you want or think you need to do.

When you take a step forward, it can happen that something makes you take two steps back. All of your efforts and struggles don’t seem to be paying off.



What to do when receiving signs from the universe?

Keep in mind that it is common to experience things such as loss of sleep or blockage in circulation. Just because you hit your toe doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. However, when you encounter several of these signs of the Universe at once or consecutively, be careful.

Ask yourself, “What am I doing, thinking, or planning right now that could work against my greatest good?” Depending on your level of consciousness, the warning signs of the universe can range from subtle roadblocks to full-blown barricades. The more you are asleep, the bigger and more obvious the signs will be.

If you feel that you are receiving warning signs from the Universe, be proactive rather than worrying or becoming miserable. Often, getting back on the best path requires minimal effort. Other times, you need to carefully reconsider your choices or intentions. However, it is always possible to change direction.



Tips for realigning with your ultimate life path:

  • To receive confirmation that you are on the wrong path, adjust your intuition. Ask: “Am I on the right path?” Pay attention to the feelings and sensations that arise in your body.
    For example, if your body reacts with a feeling of heaviness, it is a sign that you have to change something. If your body is light and jubilant, it is probably a sign that you are well. Learn more about how to trust your intuition.
  • Take a deep breath and thank the Universe for alerting you. You might even like to say a prayer asking for advice like me. For example, you might pray, “Dear universe, please help me to be aware of what is to change in my life. Guide my actions and prevent me from walking on the wrong path. Help me to be humble, open, and receptive. Show me the next steps that I need to take because I can’t do this without you. “
  • Spend time alone in introspection. Think about what needs to change. You may like a journal to record your thoughts and feelings (I do this when I need clarity).
  • Find humor in what happened (if possible). Humor is a great way to lighten your energy and open your heart. Sometimes the Universe sends the most bizarrely humorous signs to gently slap us and wake us up.
  • Meditate to clear your mind.
  • If you’re not sure what to change, pay attention to the context. For example, were you thinking, doing, or planning something when a series of signs occurred?

Finally, remember that you and the Universe are not separate. In reality, you are the Universe, so whatever signs arise that come from the eternal presence that underlies your entire identity. Although it may seem to you that something “there” guides you, in reality, it is your very soul that guides you.



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