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The Only Fixed Thing in the Whole Cosmos, Sacred Geometry

Universally connected by our minds, the knowledge of our ancestors lives in us, deep within our DNA. Just as animals know how to survive, we know how to continue to become intelligent with each generation of humans.

Our knowledge is transmitted through our genetic code.

That’s why Kingship was passed on by blood because some of your ancestors live on in the next generation. Numbers and angles are not unique to this part of civilization; Sacred geometry is accepted and understood by all other intelligent life!



The planet we live on is an example of sacred geometry:

The Only Fixed Thing in the Whole Cosmos, Sacred GeometryWe have seen the same images in many occurrences in the past and live through subconscious awareness. These specific images appear in countless ancient cultures. The stars and the sun have also played a big role in influencing all of their cultures.

The geometry itself is the oldest of all languages. One of the easiest forms of communication is math and numbers. This is because the numbers have universal value and meaning. This sacred geometry is also correlated with sound waves, free renewable energy patterns, mysterious crop circles, and linked to almost all forms of life on earth.

When you start to analyze everything in nature deep enough, you will find a strange connection to the geometry hidden beneath. In us, everything rests on DNA, another example of complex geometry.

And it goes even further than that, our cells and even matter have symbolic codes that coincide with sacred geometry.

The significance of this achievement is that we all come from the same genetic and geometric patterns and that the foundations of life itself reside in everything.

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We are Star-Children:

Now think about the reverse; what about outside of this planet, can our sacred geometry be similar to what we see in the stars?

Of course. This is what is so amazing in our connection to the Universe since we are not alone in the cosmos, we believe that Sacred Geometry is the first lesson of universal culturalization.

Understanding that we are part of a larger culture outside of this planet, we must be ready to accept the reality that we are not alone. Each of these images is another example of sacred geometry.

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