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Never Say These 10 Things to an Empath

In our lives, we can always meet very emotional people. This may seem quite overbearing at first. They are intensely passionate and creative, but they often wear their hearts on their sleeves. They can be offended very easily and can be upset by the smallest things. Nothing is wrong with them, they are just highly emotional.

It’s very good to be highly emotional and you can learn a lot from your highly emotional friends. But if you really want to keep a friendship with them, you really have to work on what you tell them.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t say in front of a highly emotional person (HEP):



1. “Focus on the positive aspects of your life”:

There can be a lot of positive things going on in the life of a HEP, but don’t always make them focus on it. They may not be able to help but focus on the things that are wrong.

If you tell them to focus on the positive things, they might think you are putting their problems under the rug.




2. “I have it worse”:

Do not compare your problems with their problems and tell them who has it worse. A HEP may experience their problem more intensely than yours.

In addition, each person has their own reaction to their problems. So make comparison in front of him.




3. “Not again”:

You will only burst their emotions by shutting them down. Yes, their whining may sound annoying, but they just want you to listen. Listen to them and address the issue. It could calm them down soon.

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4. “Don’t be so conflicting”:

They can’t really help it. They are always thinking of something and getting involved in an invisible conflict. This is how their spirit is built. If you really want to help, draw their attention to something else.




5. “Don’t think about it”:

Never Say These 10 Things to an Empath (2)No, it is not easy to just stop thinking. They know their thoughts are the problem and that’s what’s eating them from inside, but they can’t just switch them off.




6. “You can handle this”:

You may have managed well, but you can’t assume someone else’s strength and how they might manage it. You are unique and so are they. So try to sympathize, but don’t force your concept of mental toughness on another.

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7. “Move on”:

Moving on to something else takes time and is different for different people. Yes, a HEP can get stuck in the mud for a long time, but you just can’t push them out. Give them time.




8. “You’re such a crybaby”:

People often use this term, “You’re being a crybaby.” Expressing your grief does not make you a crybaby. It becomes a slur. It is actually a healthy act.




9. “What others think doesn’t matter”:

They know that the opinion of others has no value, but it always affects them. If they are stressed by the opinion of others, do not make the situation worse by stating this obvious truth. It hurts, even if you say the opposite.




10. “It was just a joke”:

Don’t say something terribly rude and expect others to take it as a joke. Whatever your intention, if your joke was hurtful, it would hurt someone. Don’t shift your responsibility by covering it with the title “joke”.

Be careful what you say in front of a very emotional person. Make them your best friends, you will be surprised to find out what value they bring to your life.

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