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7 Signs that the Shaman Inside You Is Awakening

Shamans are healers who use their connection to nature and the spirit world to heal and awaken others. Shamans travel to the spirit world using drums, herbs, and crystals and gather psychologically guided information about a soul from their spiritual guides, gods and ancestors.

They also have the ability to channel other spirits, gods, and deities and are powerful creators of the world around them. They also count on their connection with Mother Earth to discover medicinal plants and herbs.

Shamans are usually initiated after experiencing a kind of death and rebirth process. This process of death and rebirth can be physical, emotional or energetic and is often an indicator that the soul is ready to play the role of shaman.

In many ways, shamans are energy healers who also have the gift of mediumship and herbalism, but traditionally their knowledge is obtained from the spirit world and not from a textbook.

In fact, the word shaman translates as “he/she who knows”.

Shamanism has evolved across many cultures and is similar to the practice of sorcerers, energy healers, and practitioners of alternative medicine.

But because this type of healing has been condemned for so long and the witches have been burnt at the stake, a once-common practice has become “alternative” and largely forgotten.

It is believed that once you have been initiated as a shaman in a lifetime, you are destined to return and pass on some of your knowledge in later lives.

In a previous life, you may have also worked as an apprentice or developed your initiation as a shaman and this can be part of your call in this life to finally enter your role.

If this all resonates with you, here are 7 other signs that your inner shaman could be awakening:



1. You have recovered, almost miraculously from a serious or rare illness, experienced psychosis or you have been thunderstruck.

They may seem random, but these experiences have all been linked to the shaman’s call. It is believed that to be a shaman you must experience a complete “death and rebirth” of your soul and this can often manifest as a temporary illness of some kind.

During this experience, some people report having traveled to the spirit world and having been implanted with some kind of crystal or knowledge about their role as a shaman before returning to Earth.




2. You have a strong bond with nature and animals.

7 Signs that the Shaman Inside You Is Awakening

Shamans have a special relationship with the world of nature and animals and use them as guides or messengers.

If you find yourself receiving messages from plants or animals, or if you are sensitive to nature and your environment, this may very well be a sign that your inner shaman has awakened.




3. You turn to herbal medicine or foods for healing and you instinctively know what to use.

Using the wisdom of the spirits, shamans are able to mix concoctions made from natural herbs in order to heal both the energetic and physical body.

Interestingly, many of the herbs used in traditional shamanism for healing have now been supported by science.

If you find yourself naturally gravitating towards the kitchen and the herb garden to cure ailments, this may be a sign of a past connection with the world of shamanism.

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4. You astral travel or dream of visiting other worlds or dimensions.

Shamans have the ability to travel in different dimensions and collect information about the past, future, and present of your soul.

If you hold the gift of shamanism, you may find that you travel astrally during sleep or that you have strange dreams of meeting extraterrestrial or spiritual beings.




5. You have psychic abilities, receive premonitions or have the gift of mediumship.

Because shamans work so closely with the spirit world, they often have gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance.

As a reborn shaman, it is likely that you would also have carried these gifts in this life.




6. You feel awake, happy or soothed by the sound of the drums.

7 Signs that the Shaman Inside You Is Awakening

Shamans use drums and maracas to help them travel to other worlds or channel other spirits.

If you feel passionate about the sound of drums and other percussion instruments, this may be a sign that you have roots in shamanism.

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7. You begin to hear the call from your shamanic roots.

One way to know for sure if you hold the gift of shamanism is to begin to feel the call of another shaman, of your dreams, or of the spirit world.

Often, another shaman or messenger will come into your life as a way to remind you of your gifts and the path you are destined to take.

Do you think your inner shaman awakening?


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