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10 Inborn Spiritual Powers that Most of Us Choose To Ignore

If human beings only knew how spiritually powerful they are, human suffering would not be a problem. Only that people tend to hunt another type of power, the one that makes them slaves.

But longing for power over others is futile because in the long run, when the tides turn as they sometimes will, it is precisely this power that will cause the ultimate downfall of its holder.

What humans should be aware of are the powers they inherently possessed but did not care about. These powers are acquired and, when used to their full extent, would not make other people as slaves but would set them free instead.

All we need to do is cultivate these powers through constant practice and application. The process is not easy because more than discipline, it requires commitment and focused intention.

Once you have mastered it, you not only become spiritually powerful, but you be a light that will guide others in seeking their own spiritual powers.

10 spiritual powers you were born with, but choose to ignore:


1. Our inner voice:

You have an internal voice that acts as an inner guide and alerts you when something is wrong by making you feel uncomfortable. Others call it the instinct or intuition of gut.

Listen to this inner voice more, as this can only be improved by deep practice.



2. Our inner peace:

There is an inner stillness within each of us. Once you find your inner place of peace, you can go there to rejuvenate yourself whenever you want.

The best way to discover this place is to meditate in a quiet, relaxing place, such as a nice sitting spot or a park. There is power in solitude, especially when you are in nature. By being alone, you are able to think clearly and rejuvenate yourself in the process.

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3. Our ability to control our breath:

The shortest way to relieve stress on your nerves is to take long, deep breaths. Doing this for several minutes relaxes your mind and calms your soul.

When you are calm you are able to vibrate higher frequencies and deal with whatever is in your path.



4. Our gaze:

Have you tried gazing at someone and getting them to look in your direction? It’s because there is power in your gaze. It’s even called a “power gaze,” a gaze you can use when you want others to do you a favor.

It’s a gaze where you maintain eye contact with the other person without blinking and without appearing aggressive. The secret is to keep eye contact longer and reduce your tendency to blink.



5. Our ability to connect with others:

10 Inborn Spiritual Powers that Most of Us Sleep On (2)You have the ability to connect and communicate with others. It is a power most often overlooked by people who have difficulty opening up to others. Use this power to reach your friends and relatives. Having them by your side also increases your personal power.

You can’t have a close friend if you can’t become one. Everyone needs a close friend to share the ups and downs of their life. And when you are sometimes helpless, they can be the source of your power.



6. Our capability to give:

You can always give these 3 things to others: your kindness, your smile, and your labor. You can reach out to others by volunteering in some kind of selfless effort. A homeless shelter or animal shelter would benefit a lot.

Doing things that benefit others is a great way to increase your energy and see yourself in a different way. Without a doubt, you will feel much better after helping others.

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7. Our free will:

You have the power to choose. It’s much bigger than you might think. In fact, only this spiritual ability is enough for you to start living the life you want. You don’t have to settle for things you don’t deserve. Don’t do things just because others prefer to do it. Do things because you love to do them.

The more you do the things you love to do, the more powerful you will feel. William Ernest Henley says: “I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul”. There is no greater power than this. Owning your power is liberating. Don’t allow others to run your life. You alone have the power.



8. Our laugh:

The famous adage “laughter is the best medicine” is timeless. Because it really works. There is the power in your laughter that the more you share it with others, the stronger your bond becomes.

Above all, a good laugh is actually good for your physical well-being.



9. Our ability to connect to our higher self:

Before you come to this world, your higher self has an intention that is encoded in your spiritual DNA. Once you have aligned with this intention by following the path that is intended for you, massive support will come your way.

The Universe will open up more opportunities for you and provide you with the help you need. Your flame will be rekindled and you will just shine bright. And this is where your spiritual power will eventually skyrocket.



10. Our creativity:

You are creative because you come from a God or a Creative Source. If you don’t know what areas you’re good at, experiment and explore. Try whatever feels right for you.

Pouring your creativity into a project helps you stay in the moment, and there is great power in staying in the moment.

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