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2019 Has Been Marked by Major Energy Changes and There Are More to Come

An energy shift is underway. The universe is preparing to make changes, and as the heavenly world operates, you may feel very tense. During this time, you should strive to spread your wings and allow your roots to take flight as never before.



From now until the beginning of 2020, you will be much more aware of your own emotions.

You will learn to really differentiate yourself from your current consciousness and the collective you are connected to. The next few weeks are going to be extremely fast and you may be hurting your feet for a good second, get ready.



You are entering a learning period to which you are probably not quite prepared.

2019 Has Been Marked by Major Energy Changes and There Are More to Come

Do your best to adopt a more open mindset and see where things lead you. Whether we realize it or not, we will all climb the ladder of the new year. Many people notice the energies that preceded them and some have really started to do their best to make sure they work well with them.

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The change we are currently experiencing:

Great decisions and the beginning of big changes are waiting for you. Starting in 2017, the astrological energy began to shake you as they headed for a global alignment in 2020. The changes that occur every 84 and 50 years have teased us in 2018 and they are now ready to win ground to revolutionize your life.

Jupiter encourages you to open up your belief system to something bigger, to take a risk for yourself in order to manifest your goals and dreams. Uranus is like a lightning rod that makes you discover new and innovative ways to live your life.

This shows that even if minor changes have taken place over the years, this one is going to be quite important. You may go to bed early and feel exhausted all the time. You have to go through this process within your organization to do a lot of healing early in 2020, which will help you create the best mood for the months to come.




Many people will wake up during this period and there will be no slowdown once the new year has begun.

2019 Has Been Marked by Major Energy Changes and There Are More to Come

If you sit back, waiting for life to come before you, it’s time to go back and ride the waves in front of you. Your expectations are not going to be compromised now, you can and will arrive where you should be if you apply yourself correctly.

This week, the energy you feel is calling you to your heart and soul. You may not know exactly why you feel attracted to nature, meditating alone or breathing deeply with the “Divine Universal of your Heart” reflecting and invigorating… but what we can tell you, is that you must trust your intuition now.

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Because the energies that move in front of us are so intense, you may feel some confusion here and there.

If you willingly surrender to these energies, everything will begin to make sense. You will lose your ego and find yourself in 2020, whether you like it or not. This year is going to make a lot of things happen to you and the change we are facing is at the very beginning. Start asking yourself more questions such as questioning your state of consciousness.

Do your best to enter the present moment and be here. You only get one life and what you do with this life depends on you. Become as alert as possible and see where this wave of positivity will take you. Although energy changes can be scary, it will be child’s play.

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