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The Universe gave You this Mission, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Below, an adaptation of an excerpt from The Lunar Nodules, written by Martin Shulman. This book focuses on the origin of the zodiac and how the Universe has designed a specific mission for each sign. It’s a very positive reading that will brighten your day.

Twelve children received, in turn, their mission and their gift:


To You Aries:

I give you the first seeds so that you have the honor of planting them. Therefore, every seed you plant will be transformed into a million new seeds. You will not have time to see them grow because you will be busy with more crops.

You will have the honor of being the first to convey my message to people, but it is not your place to feed or question it. Your life is an action and I trust you to speak to humanity about the creations of the Universe. For your good work, I give you the virtue of self – esteem.




To You Taurus

I give you the power to transform the seed into substance. Your job requires a lot of patience because you have to finish everything that has been started, otherwise the seeds will be lost.

You should not question or change your mind in the workplace, nor rely on others for what I am asking you to do. Therefore, I give you the gift of the Force. Use it wisely.




To You Gemini:

I answer unanswered questions so that you can get everyone to understand what they see around you.

You will never know why people are talking or listening, but in your search for answers, you will find my gift, knowledge.




To You Cancer:

I assign you the task of teaching people emotions. My idea for you is to make people around you laugh so that everything they see and think develops inside.

Therefore, I give you the gift of the family. May your plenitude multiply.

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To You Leo:

Your job is to show people my creation in all its splendor. Make sure that pride does not blind you and remember one thing: the creation was made of my hands, not yours. If you forget that, you will become the object of human contempt.

This task will give you pleasure but take it seriously. To fulfill your mission, receive from me the gift of honor.




To You Virgo:

I ask for an analysis of all that humanity has done with my creation. You must examine their ways and remind them of their mistakes so that my creation is perfect.

To do this, I offer you the gift of purity of thought.




To You Libra:

Your mission is service, make sure that humans are aware of their duties to one another. They must learn cooperation as well as the ability to think about their actions.

I will place it wherever there is disagreement, and because of all the efforts you will have to make, I will give you the gift of love.




To You Scorpio:

I entrust you with a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of others, but I will not let you talk about what you have learned. Often you will be disappointed with what you will see and in your pain, you will turn away from me and forget that it is not me, but the perversion of my idea that is the cause of your pain.

You will see so much humanity that you will come to know them as animals and you will have so much trouble controlling the animal instinct that you will lose your way. But when you finally come back to me, Scorpio, I will have for you the ultimate gift of the Goal.




To You Sagittarius:

I ask you to smile at people, because, despite your misunderstanding about my idea, they will become bitter. Through laughter, you have to give hope to people and, in the hope, your eyes will turn to me.

To you Sagittarius, I give the gift of infinite abundance so that it can extend far enough to reach every corner of darkness and give them light.

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To You Capricorn:

I give the mission to learn at work. Your task is not easy, because you will feel the weight of humanity on your shoulders;

but you are blessed with the responsibility of your brothers and sisters, whom I put in your hands.




To You Aquarius:

I give the concept of the future so that people can see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness because I do not allow you to personalize my love. But opening my eyes to new possibilities, I offer them the gift of freedom.

May you, in your freedom, continue to serve humanity wherever it is needed.




To You Pisces:

I entrust you with the most difficult task.

I ask you to gather all the pains of the world and to return them to me. Your tears are my tears. The sadness you are going to absorb is the effect of people’s misunderstanding on my idea, but you have to give them compassion to try again.

Because you will accomplish the most difficult task, I give you the greatest gift. You will be the only one of my twelve children to understand me. The gift of understanding is for you, Pisces, because when you try to spread it to humanity, they do not listen to it.



And the children are gone, each determined to do their best to receive their gift. But none fully understood his mission and when they came back perplexed, the Universe said:

“Each of you believes that other gifts are better. I will allow you to exchange them.” And for a moment, the children were delighted to consider all the possibilities of their new missions. But the Universe continued: “You will come back often to me asking to be relieved of your missions, and at any time, I will grant you your wishes. You will go through innumerable incarnations before ending the original mission that I prescribed to you. And, I’m going to give you countless things to complete, but you can only be with me when it’s all over. ”

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  1. Lois

    Beauitful. Thank you

  2. Shanna Stubbs

    Very enlightening and SO true!


    As per Solar Calendar I am Sgitarious and in Lunar Calendar I am Capricorn.
    The information given above don’t tally with my present Life Conditions on both Signs .
    I t is misleading me.
    With best wishes for betterment,
    Yours sincerely,

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