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2019 is Preparing us for an Ascension Energy Wave in 2020

The year 2020 contains one of the most powerful cosmic energies we have seen in a long time and this is mainly due to the alignment of Pluto and Saturn, which peaks in January 2020. The alignment of these two planets will set the tone for the whole year and our soul, together with Planet Earth will be learning to harmonize with this ultra-powerful energy.

There are so many significant alignments and transits that are occurring in 2020, however, in this article, we want to focus more on how 2019 is preparing us for this new wave of energy. What comes in 2020 feels like a great opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

The vibration of the planet is going to be changing and rising, and as this energy gets closer, our spiritual growth will accelerate. This is a huge process of ascension and awakening, but like all processes of moving towards the light, there must be some darkness as well. 2020 is not necessarily about fording the darkness to “fix” it, but about rising above it. It is about rising so high that darkness has no choice but to disappear.

The darkness is too heavy to take it to this new wave of being, so we have to unpack and let it go, to be able to harmonize with the planet and the cosmos. And, the time to start pouring and evaluating is in 2019, since when 2020 approaches, the time to upload would have already begun.


Now is the time to release.

Now is the time to unpack, now is the time to think about what you can take off and let go to move towards the new, and many of the cosmic alignments in 2019 are pointing to this. If we take the first five months of 2019 until now, we can see an emerging pattern.

From January to May, the time has accelerated as we have experienced a series of powerful Full Moons. In January we had an Eclipse of blood Moon, followed by a trio of Super Moons. We also had two Full Moons falling on the same sign back to back, and a Seasonal Blue Moon.

All these unusual Full Moons reveal a deeper theme of the Universe. We are called to liberate, we are called to let go, and this process is accelerating. Although it is always a good idea to release the things that overwhelm and hold us back, it is not just about freeing your old boyfriend or your negative self-communication. This is deeper and perhaps you have been feeling it as 2019 advances.

Under this energy, little by little we are being called to divest ourselves of the layers of society and of life as we know it. It’s about allowing everything you know to fall apart. It is about surrendering to everything you believe you are and everything you have been. It’s about letting go not only your past but also your future. It is about stripping and releasing everything you have ever believed, desired or desired. It is total surrender.


Everything is about to be questioned.

Everything is ready to be reviewed. Everything you ever thought or believed will be challenged. Some things will stick, others will remain the same, but others will have to be poured out, released, transformed and eliminated. Who you thought you were is changing, and the world is changing too. Whatever is being prepared in 2020 will not happen overnight.

These changes, these improvements, these waves of energy have been bubbling up in the background of our lives, and although we may not see the result or the full direction until 2020, we are being prepared at this time.

The most significant months for this preparatory work are March 2019, September-October 2019 and December 2019. These are the months to pay close attention and see where they are being called to change, to be liberated, to awaken and to enter more than your authentic being. These are the months in which you can have a small sample of what is to come both globally and personally.

While we are being called to empty ourselves, so is Planet Earth. We can see changes in the economy, in government, in politics, and in the environment. We can also see changes in the way we approach love, motivation, fame, and success as a society. Since Saturn and Pluto are the main actors in this energy, we can also see that problems arise when it comes to power, structure, and order. Although I do not think it is entirely possible to predict what is going to happen exactly at a political or global level, we can look back to see what has happened under similar astrological alignments.


The energy of 2020 is unique.

But if we look back through world events, a thread seems to be an abuse of power, whether through wars, recessions or revolutions. While an “abuse of power” can manifest itself in many different ways and can even have different meanings, this is what we have seen classically. While there may be an abuse of power in some capacity or issues related to an abuse of power, it also means that there is a change of power at work.

When abuse comes into play, it is only a matter of time before something is done to change, correct or fix the situation, and hopefully, in this case, it can be resolved for the better. The 2020 alignments will run until 2021, so who knows when we will see the big changes manifest, but the effects of what happens are likely to be long-lasting.

While we can see things that are happening on the world stage that are cause for concern, on an energetic level, this is a time in which we can really ascend and separate ourselves from the heaviness of old ways of thinking. This is a time in which we can rise, not to be free from darkness necessarily, but to enter a lighter and more authentic state of being.

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