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4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected by the New Moon in Libra October 2020

October brings some of the most intense Astrology of 2020 so far and this month’s lunar moments are no exception. In addition to the powerful double Full Moons that light up the start and end of the month, the October 2020 New Moon on Friday, October 16 brings its own brand of lunar chaos.

This is because this is taking place in the midst of a planetary clash that could put us all into cosmic crisis mode. And the zodiac signs most affected by the October 2020 New Moon will experience the chaos of the New Moon on a more personal level.

This New Moon is unfolding in the realm of the cardinal air sign of Libra, which is known for its peaceful ways and seeking harmony. However, the Moon forms difficult and grainy aspects for other major planets that will put us all in combat mode, especially a rare and frustrating T-square aspect involving Mars retrograde in Aries, as well as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

This planetary drama is set to increase tensions and cause internal conflict for all zodiac signs but as it takes place entirely in the territory of the cardinal signs of the zodiac, those of us who have signs in this modality are likely to be thrown into the heart of this lunar storm.

With Mercury retrograde kicking off a few days before this lunation, everyone is going to be feeling the cosmic energy but the zodiac signs that the October 2020 New Moon will affect the most are in for the wildest ride.




The New Moon messiness is real, Aries. Not only are the Moon and Sun joining forces in your opposite sign, Libra, but they are also facing off with your governing planet Mars, which is currently retrograding in your sign.

Combined together, this creates an emotional collision, so expect personal tensions to spark disagreements within your partnerships. However, if you are able to find your inner zen and exercise diplomacy to help diffuse the drama, you will have a chance to start fresh within your closest one-on-one relationships.

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There is a lot on your lunar plate under this New Moon, Cancer, so you can feel like you’re hiding away. In fact, this might be the best way for you to get the most out of the current vibrations. With all kinds of frustrations bubbling up in your professional life, in your partnerships, and in your personal life, this lunation could seem overwhelming.

It might bring up a wave of memories and feelings that shake your foundations and pull you by the roots. The best way to counter this is to go inward and get real with the most vulnerable parts of yourself. You need care and comfort under this New Moon, so spend time with people from your most private inner circle.





With the Moon starting its next journey in your sign, expect some major sensations under this lunation, Libra. The New Moon gives you the opportunity to grow, change, and start over in a very personal way. Now is the perfect time to debut a new look, kick off a new project, or take a deep look at yourself.

However, this quest for self-discovery comes with challenges. You might be frustrated and unable to move on with relationship issues or feel a heavy burden shaking your stability, but don’t let these detours turn into dead ends. You have the power to be the mediator in your own life and to find a balance between circumstances and desire.





Capricorn, you’ve been carrying a lot lately, but this New Moon is bringing your professional life to your attention. This lunation could bring some exciting new starts in the career department, but it will take a thoughtful balancing on your end to truly benefit from it.

The frustrating clashes between the major planets under this Moon activate your career, home, and personal sectors, creating a dizzying cosmic clash. What’s the best way to move forward? Think through every decision in your professional life before you commit, and stay open to new possibilities, even if things seem to turn upside down.

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