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How the New Moon in Libra October 16, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

October is filled with many spooky events, and the October 2020 New Moon that rises on October 16 is no exception. This lunar phase marks the lunar midpoint between the two Full Moons that marks the end of October with intensity, and it will be just as busy.

This lunation is also caught in the middle of a planetary square-off that will make our heads spin, so you’ll want to know exactly how the October 2020 New Moon will affect your zodiac sign.

This New Moon takes place in the diplomatic and social sign of Libra, which usually gives us a harmonious chance for a fresh start, especially when it comes to partnerships and legal matters. And while all of this still applies, this particular lunation of the Libra season comes in the midst of some sort of astrological hurricane.

Just three days before this New Moon, Mercury retrograde of Autumn 2020 began (joining Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, who are also retrograde), slowing us down and disrupting our vibrations.

But the Moon itself will also find itself entangled in a mess of its own, as it will be locked in a tight power struggle with the harsh planets Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, which can spark rage, resentment, and rocky emotional waves.

Because this lunation takes place in Libra, embracing the balance in our lives is the key to breaking out of this feeling of lunar mess. Rather than fighting our frustrations, we must find ways to promote peace.

Being diplomatic rather than aggressive will be more effective in spreading drama and bringing harmony under the timing of the October New Moon, so take a deep breath and invoke your inner mediator as you weigh the gravity of each of your decisions. Discover how the October 2020 New Moon will affect you, according to Astrology.




We have good news and bad news for you, Aries. Bad news first: This New Moon opposes retrograde Mars in your sign, which can cause partnership friction and bring out the worst of your wild competition streak.

But the good news is, you can use this explosion of intensity to start over in your partnerships. Sexual tension is at its highest (as is your motivation to build closer bonds). Find a balance.





This New Moon gives you a chance to bring structure and harmony to your schedule, Taurus, so don’t clutter your schedule with tedious distractions.

While part of you may feel restless and eager to prove everything you can handle, remember that putting your well-being first is just as important. Diplomatically decline any unnecessary plans or projects, and don’t bite more than you can chew.





This lunation marks a great opportunity to plant seeds for a passion project or a creative endeavor that can bring a lot of joy into your life, Gemini, provided you are prepared to overcome obstacles first.

If you can manage to breathe through your frustrations under this New Moon and keep an eye on the prize, you can use that energy to build something beautiful for yourself. Put your artistic talents to work.





This New Moon is taking you in all kinds of emotional directions, Cancer, and it might be difficult to keep your feelings from taking over.

Some deep experiences and memories are activated by this lunation, which makes it a great time to stay home, warm up, and spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones. Bring a little balance to your inner landscape and your outer world by nurturing yourself.

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It’s been a social month for you so far, despite the general astrological chaos, so this New Moon is a good time to iron out any issues in the communications department (as far as Mercury retrograde will allow, anyway).

Take stock of your day-to-day tasks and the people you come into contact with, and try to find ways to make those little details of your life more harmonious and flowing.





If you’ve been focused on cleaning up your finances or creating a budget, now is the perfect cosmic opportunity to start over. You’ve given up bad habits and tried to get rid of scarcity-based fears, and now is the time to start building a solid foundation for your resources.

Your quest for financial freedom may require you to overcome certain obstacles and solve problems, but luckily that is your specialty.





It’s your annual New Moon, Libra, which means it’s one of the most meaningful times of the year to embrace a balanced and beautiful new beginning within you.

This lunation comes with a heavy side of drama, so expect to feel some contention within your partnerships and deep within yourself. If you can accept it as it is and keep the peace, then you can emerge on the other side as a stronger and more powerful version of yourself.





Sometimes the most intense storms translate into the biggest and brightest rainbows, Scorpio, and this New Moon could mark a turning point in the dreamiest, most ethereal parts of you.

Now is a chance to get in touch with your spiritual side and strengthen your relationship with your unconscious truth, so think of all of the lunar drama as a simple challenge to help refine your third-eye vision’s clarity.

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There’s no better time to become socially active in your community, Sagittarius, and now is the time for you to step up to your role as a diplomatic and influential member of the pack.

While you are certainly experiencing tension in the areas of love and money under this New Moon, you will find that your frustrations can be channeled into action if you focus on collaborative efforts. Take your closest friends and start talking about what matters, you’ll be surprised at how much change you can make.





There is a ton of focus and energy in your career right now, Capricorn, and you have the opportunity to start something new and different but there is a storm that needs to be weathered first.

Your external and internal self-view is fraught with tension and makes you re-evaluate your role in the public eye. If you can take the middle path and consciously weigh every decision about your job, you’ll start to forge a new path towards your professional goals.





This powerful lunation is able to catalyze huge changes in your philosophies and the way you view the world, Aquarius. With so much rising tension and resentment growing all around you, you are able to feel in your soul how this disharmony is affecting you.

Get away from the eye of this cosmic storm and take a balanced and objective approach to the energies at play. Let your opinions form on a new fresh slate.





You have been immersed in your ocean of feelings all month so far, Pisces, but this New Moon offers you a new opportunity to explore your deepest desires, set appropriate boundaries around intimacy, and destroy taboos.

While the current cosmic scene looks like total chaos, you spend this lunation swimming in the hidden parts of your subconscious and promising to embrace what is inside of you, and these discoveries will make you even stronger through vulnerability.

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