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5 Methods Used by the Universe to Communicate with You

We are used to thinking that coincidences are just coincidences. What if in fact, these were messages sent by the universe?

For many people, it seems inconceivable that we are connected to everything in the universe. Nevertheless, it seems that science has succeeded in proving it.

Although people still have difficulties in giving details of this phenomenon, they agree that it is very real. So what are the coincidences we tend to ignore, even if they are important messages of the Universe?

Here are 5 ways the Universe chooses to communicate with us:



1. Animals.

During lunar cycles, animals tend to behave strangely, especially during the full moon. It shows how much we are affected by living things and the world around us.

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2. Synchronicities.

Numbers are concepts created by man. But if we take a closer look at the digital structure, we can notice that mathematics is not. Indeed, the Universe uses repetitive sequences to send us important messages.

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3. Songs’ lyrics.

Many people say they have heard the favorite song of a loved one recently gone or heard the words that gave them the necessary answer to an important question they had been asking themselves for a while. Even if we can think that it is simply a coincidence, in reality, it is a message from the Universe.



4. Think about someone and see him/her, or get a phone call a few minutes later.

We have all thought about someone we had not heard about for a while, and suddenly we got a call from that person. Or when we have not seen someone for a while and suddenly we meet that person by chance.



5. Weather.

In general, we plan to go to a specific place or do certain things in particular. But suddenly, the weather is getting worse, it’s a sign that we should stay home.

Also, the weather we want can contain the information we need. For example, if we want a heavy rain, this may indicate that it is time to do some cleaning.

For more signs watch the video below:



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  1. Leon

    Very simple to understand the message delivered. We all want life to be more simple, unfortunately this is not the case, life is very complex, with all those tousends of thoughts we have every day like: why, who am I-not easy to answer. Life is more than 5 signs what is the universal energy telling us. My blog, you will find all your daily questions what is life about. Leon

  2. Johannes Kolsky

    Bull. Coincidences will happen regardless if the universe can speak or not. Human psychology also produces many more. If you are thinking about someone and then meet them, you may forget about the many many other times you thought about that person and didn’t meet them, or the times you thought about other people and didn’t meet them. You may know the person because you have similar social class or lifestyle, making it more likely for you to run into them during your daily routine. It’s bad logic to assume the universe is talking to you.

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