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If You Experience These 7 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Show You Something

The synchronicity represents a coincidence succession to the individual making the experiment. To tell the truth, it is difficult to explain its meaning with ‘ordinary’ terms.

His truly perfect timing and convincing meaning echo with other areas of our lives and seem to defy explanation.

Synchronicity is often thought to be a vibratory sign of the ecosystem, aligning perfectly with the flow of the universe and indicating that you are on the right track.

But how do we distinguish between synchronicity, which holds a deep meaning, and an attempt by the subconscious to identify trends and find meaning when there are none?

Here are 7 of the most common signs of synchronicity from the Universe that you should be aware of:


1. Sometimes you think of someone and that person calls you or sends you a message shortly after.

And when you call that person, she/he tells you that she was thinking of you. Or when you just think about her, you instantly receive a message from her.

Often considered a coincidence, it is a synchronicity that many of us experience. Since this synchronicity is based on an energetic link that we have with all things in us and around us, that allows us to read the thoughts of others or know their intentions, regardless of the distance that we separate.



2. You have very good timing.

When you work with the Universe, everything works in your favor, and there are many synchronicities in your life.

You experience perfect timing and often fall short. You often feel at the right place at the right time, and you feel like doing exactly what you were supposed to do.



3. You may hear the first notes of a song before it plays on the radio.

It’s when you start singing the song that you had in mind that you hear it go on the radio or in a supermarket. For many of us, it’s a recurring thing.



4. You constantly see repetitive numbers like 1111, 222, or 333.

This is the most common sign, indicating that you are receiving a message from the Universe.

Many people identify it as messages and signs of the spiritual realm. A little as if we were guided by a divine force urging us to continue the path we have just chosen.

When you live in alignment with the Universe, your psychic abilities increase, and your precognitive abilities respond to stimuli before they come to you.

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5. To your questions, answers often come out of nowhere.

There are aspects of your life that require more clarity. And sometimes you ask yourself if you need to change careers, embark on a big project, or even end a relationship you are in now.

The answers you seek are then easily accessible, and they often arrive when you least expect it.

Here’s a little story about a man suffering from depression… A man had tried everything to overcome his depression, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, natural cures, and sports. However, nothing helped him. He was so desperate to find a solution or an answer and wondered how he was going to overcome his depression, that one day, while he was looking for a book, the answer appeared all at once in front of him. He then saw a book without a cover, with just the word “play” on it. This word sounded so deep in him that he became aware of what would allow his healing.



6. You may accidentally meet people who have the ability to give you the help you need now.

When you meet a person who has the solution to your problems, especially when you do not expect it at all, know that it is the universe that tells you that he hears your requests.

You are perfectly aligned with its energy flow.

Perhaps you could go to a certain place and meet a person you are supposed to meet. And even more improbable, this person would initiate a conversation of his own. When this happens, know that this person has a message for you. You must listen, as this may help you make a better choice.



7. You receive coincidentally gifts that you wish to have.

When you secretly want something, be it a book or some other object, sometimes someone from your family offers it to you unexpectedly.

When you really want something, your desire is keen. Your emotions are in alignment with the Universe, and your engine goes beyond just trying to satisfy your ego. Your spiritual magnetism is much deeper than superficial desires.

If you want more synchronicity to manifest in your life, live in harmony with the universe, and live your own truth. Make more effort to raise your vibration, eat a healthy diet, and follow the music of your heart.

The universe is there to guide you, you just have to align with him.


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