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6 Different Ways to Identify the Physical Messages of Our Guardian Angel

Are you looking to connect with your Guardian Angel? Do you think you are not able to receive his messages?

Well, the fact is that your Guardian Angel may be trying to reach out to you, but you do not realize it. There are different ways your Guardian Angel tries to send you a message and you can actually feel these messages as they have a physical manifestation.

Here are the 6 different ways to identify the physical messages of our Guardian Angel:


1. An angelic wind or a breeze:

You can feel the presence of your Guardian Angel in a very easy way, thanks to an angelic wind or a breeze around you. The Guardian Angel can just try to tell you that he hears you and assure you of his love and affection.

In addition, the breeze can be a way to soothe yourself and bring peace and good wishes into your life. The breeze indicates that your prayers are heard and those good things come your way.



2. A feeling of liquid:

The Guardian Angel can also give you the impression that a thick liquid is flowing over your body. It may look like honey and that feeling of liquid is also proof that your Guardian Angel is with you and is trying to tell you something you do not know.

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3. Feel that someone is sitting next to you:

Sometimes you may feel like someone is sitting with you while you struggle to connect with your Guardian Angel. Well, it’s none other than the Guardian Angel himself. It may sound scary, but it certainly is not the case. It’s the one you can trust most. So, do not be uncomfortable or scared if you feel it’s there.



4. The feeling of being hugged:

Sometimes, when you try to connect with your Guardian Angel, you may feel like someone is hugging you. Yes, you may feel like someone is gently holding your hands and giving you a warm, loving hug. Well, it’s a sign that your Guardian Angel is with you and is trying to help you.

This usually happens when you are very stressed and tired and the Angel wants to show that he is with you to help you get better. So, this is his way of telling you that you are important to him and therefore he is holding out enough for you to give you a warm and loving hug.



5. A feeling of warmth:

If you try to connect with your Guardian Angel and you start to feel that the temperature around you is increasing, it means he is with you. Yes, he literally wants to give you warmth to make you realize that he is with you so that you can connect with him.

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6. A current of electrical energy:

Sometimes you can also feel electric current. It also means he is with you. This electrical energy can affect your body but not in a negative way. It can shock and stun you, and it can be very powerful.

But do not worry, it’s just a sign that your Guardian Angel is with you. He just makes sure you know and recognize his presence more than ever and that’s why he uses a strong sign to indicate his presence.

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  1. Jeri olmos

    I have been experiencing certain things strange things pictures dont look the same its like when i touch them it manifest things on them the pictures are not the same .i was recieving messages from my guardian angel .i was feeling all kinds of energies not only human energies .energies that have never lived in human life, animals plants , things of other universes.i am not sure exactly what was going on but i started getting personal messages from god and my guardian angels telling me god needed me to control my empathy because i had a strong connection to the spiritual world that everything i said , think or did was going to happen maybe not right away but would .it was literally affecting my world and beyond.i dont understand whats happening and im scared .i need help and nobody understands or believes me .i seen satan in my room , manipulating my mirrors.everything is so scary and i have nobody to turn to please help me!!!

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