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6 Things You Give Up when You Feel Spiritually Awakened

Before sharing with you the 6 things you give up when you feel spiritually awakened it is appropriate for you to know what we mean by spiritually awakened.

We mean a moment in your life where you took 100% responsibility for your life. You begin to understand how others are not responsible for your failures and your stresses.

Feeling spiritually awakened is a condition in which you have total confidence in the Universe understanding that everything that happens is useful to you to improve and evolve.

In a nutshell, it means paying attention to your interior and no longer to the outside.

After this necessary premise, here are the 6 things you give up when you feel spiritually awakened:



1. Hate – Anger.

Hate and anger are two very low frequencies that are replaced with an understanding of the situation and the ability to find in each thing the right message for you, in that moment of your life.

You also understand that the anger you feel is actually your anger, your disharmony that must first be understood and then turned into positive energy



2. Jealousy.

Avoid comparisons. You no longer compete with each other. You are you and you are as you must be. You are at your center. You are your best version.

The other is no longer something negative, that surpasses you, beats you. The other is a different way of seeing reality. The other is a person you can and must learn from.



3. Fear of making mistakes.

Understand that errors do not exist. But the experience exists. And experience teaches you that there are so many ways to improve.

Mistake or failure is only a small part of the grand design. Remember that after a climb there is always a descent. Take the teaching and keep walking forward, step by step with courage and trust in you and the Universe.

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4. Insecurity.

You understand that everything depends on you and by doing so you put all your greatest abilities into play. There is no insecurity where there is acceptance.

You are aware that the result you get is your maximum.



5. Anxiety.

Live the present without worrying about the future. You know that you shape the future with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

The unknown does not cause you discomfort because you live it at any time and have passed it many times over. Remember the challenges you have already overcome and congratulate yourself by celebrating your strength.

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6. Revenge.

Understand that the Love you receive is proportional to the love you give. There can be no revenge in your life once you understand that. Pain causes pain.

Don’t hate the world, don’t hate people, you don’t want to hurt them. You know that everyone does his best: with his story, his experiences, HIS TRAUMAS.


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