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Are You a Spiritual Warrior? 22 Characteristics that Define a True Spiritual Warrior

There will always be a need for the figure of the spiritual warrior to heal our world.

Reality must change. This is what the spiritual warrior is called to do: change reality having the courage to change one’s inner world.

The spiritual warrior fights battles within his own being.

It is necessary to work on ourselves to serve a greater good, to heal the spiritual wounds that we carry forward from our various incarnations so as to love each other unconditionally and love one another.

To find out if you are a Spiritual Warrior, check the following features.

22 Characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior:



1. He builds his own reality.

The spiritual warrior is aware that he has the power to create his own reality. Every person and every situation springs from an inner frequency.



2. He is without fear.

The spiritual warrior is fearless, not because he is really fearless, but because he is able to face and unhinge fear when it intervenes.



3. He does not contemplate the word guilt.

The word guilt does not exist and does not project it to others. Despite the situation in our world, he is able to accept the external mirror created by group karma and work hard to understand and transmute it.



4. He does not complain.

22 Characteristics that Define a True Spiritual Warrior

The spiritual warrior does not complain. It clearly recognizes that light enters through pain, welcoming and transmuting it.



5. He is able to let go.

The spiritual warrior is not afraid to let people and situations go, he knows that creation or any manifestation has served his purpose in his life. It always goes on.



6. He knows the distinction between surrendering and giving up.

Surrender is aligned with the truth that manifests itself while giving up is easily accepting whatever happens.

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7. He knows how judgment differs from discernment.

The spiritual warrior moves among the obstacles of life without changing reality in conceptual terms. He knows that judging others, any particular circumstance or himself condemns him, creating a fixed and painful relationship.



8. He is attentive to the word “never”.

The spiritual warrior uses the word “never” carefully to avoid condemning a particular situation to a particular fate.



9. He is not afraid to go against the mass.

The spiritual warrior is not afraid to go against the mass, even if it means being crushed by it.



10. He is not afraid to suffer.

He accepts suffering and is willing to die for a greater cause.



11. He knows that death is only a passage in a new life.

He lives his life fearlessly in the present moment, knowing that death is only a passage in a new life.



12. He is honest.

The spiritual warrior is profoundly honest with himself even when no one is watching him, feeling and relating to him.



13. He is not afraid of the truth.

He is not afraid of the truth because he knows exactly what it is for what he lives.



14. He expresses himself with courage.

22 Characteristics that Define a True Spiritual Warrior

He is not afraid to express himself regardless of the result. Diplomacy and tact are important to him. It expresses its truth in the most accessible and appropriate way.



15. He is uninterested.

The spiritual warrior is selfless and finds the right ways to express what makes him happy, alive, full of smiles, charisma, color, and expression.



16. He loses easily.

He is a strong and able person to understand that there are many more important things than to waste time with revenge. Evil intent does not exist for him, therefore, his forgiveness can make him seem weak (when in reality it is his strength).

His intent is based on weakness rather than strength. And even if he loses, he learns from the situation without the poison of negative emotions.

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17. He understands the difference between not making any effort and commitment to a cause.

He is aware of the difference between not committing himself and commitment to a cause. While it is essential to free oneself from attachments and struggles, it brings commitment, patience, and perseverance to unite darkness with light.



18. He knows when to sow and when to harvest.

The spiritual warrior knows what is right to do at the right time.



19. He lives in the here and now.

He lives his life daily, moment by moment.



20. He is open to synchronicities.

22 Characteristics that Define a True Spiritual Warrior

The spiritual warrior knows the real purpose behind synchronicity. He is open to revelations when he does not allow the ego to interfere with it.



21. He allows others to make mistakes.

He allows others to find their own way and make mistakes along their way. He is there to support the journey of others without imposing their own visions on issues that may arise.



22. He perfectly understands the nature of love.

He knows that unconditional love overcomes separation and unites everything.




Our advice is to re-read this list. Maybe you don’t find yourself on anything, maybe you find yourself completely on this list.

The work that I set myself by publishing this article is precisely to work on the characteristics that the ego prevents me from putting into practice so as to empower myself and elevate myself more and more.

Try to do the same too. Are you there yet?


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