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5 Things You Need to Do if You are an Indigo Adult

Not everyone is an indigo adult. There is, in fact, a very specific personality and energy that distinguish “indigo adults” from “other people”. This energy, of which I speak to you, has always existed but this phenomenon is now noticed more than ever because we are living a moment of important transition for the planet.

The truth is that indigo adults are spiritual warriors who are here to make great changes to our modern way of life. Especially since they have a lifestyle sometimes outside of the conventions and certainly alternative and distinctive.

I have the vision of a world where, one day, the power of “Indigos” at its highest vibration potential will finally be released. It is for this reason that I write this blog to help indigo people to be 100% connected with their deep essence in order to change the world.

To answer the question what to do??? Here are the 5 things you need to do if you are an indigo adult:


1. Choose your job well.

The Dalai Lama once said that “The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, storytellers and passionate people of all kinds,” I think this is the mission of indigo adults. Indigos who understand their personal power should use their gifts to change the world in a positive way. You will find below a list of the professions most compatible with the character and the capacities of the indigo adults:

  • Speaker
  • “Blogger” and “Vlogger”
  • Documentary director
  • Inventor and innovator
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Coach and teacher
  • Trainer
  • Therapist
  • Activist and ecologist
  • Artist
  • Author



2. Take the time to be connected with “your deep essence”.

Indigo adults feel they have to solve the problems they face. It takes a lot of energy. You can succeed if you take the time to study and understand your energy so you can continue to channel it constructively, so you become a real agent of change.



3. You need to progress in the discovery of your “life mission”.

These highly sensitive and intuitive evolved beings seem to have a very specific life mission from birth.

The Indigos are here for a major goal: to open our eyes to the world around us so that we can recognize the indispensable changes that humanity must bring. It is essential to discover your life mission which is evolving with yourself.

You can not know it precisely in its entirety but little by little you can develop the sense of progression necessary to motivate you and continue your journey.



4. Learn new tools and skills.

You need skills to understand how to “manage” your environment so you do not subconsciously absorb the emotional burden around you, feel exhausted and as if you were an alien from another galaxy!



5. Heal your emotional wounds.

You need to heal your emotional wounds in order to heal the planet. The depth of your experience requires a deeper and more spiritual approach than the traditional psychological approach.

This is one of the topics I deal with during indigo individual coaching,  but I also want to say that you can find several ways that work for you. It’s important to invest in this work, no matter what means you choose.


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