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14 Signs You Aren’t Crazy, You Are Just Waking Up

We live in an incredible time, where we, as a population, continue to grow and discover the truths of the world around us. As we do, people will realize the Universal Truth, causing a change in spiritual consciousness. You are just awakening.

This is a time that changes our lives, where our eyes open to a truth greater than that of the world that precedes us. We begin to explore the connection between all living beings, the existence of the spiritual plane and the idea that everything works together in some way.

It is a time of greater awareness, inspiring us to see the truths around us that were once blind. Does this all sound familiar? Are you currently experiencing a similar phenomenon in your own life?

These 14 symptoms reveal that you are currently experiencing a spiritual awakening:



1. You begin to discover yourself.

If you have been struggling with self-doubt or lack of confidence in yourself up to this point, rest assured, your spiritual awakening will help you change this.

As you begin to discover your purpose and see how you fit into the larger picture, this also triggers a new love and appreciation for who you are, the strengths you possess and the gifts you bring to this world.




2. Instead of hiding your weaknesses, you embrace them.

Most of us go through life trying to hide our weaknesses in the world for fear of being judged, criticized or left vulnerable.

When you experience a spiritual awakening, you recognize that the only way to overcome your weaknesses, growing in a better version of yourself, is to embrace them first for what they are.




3. You begin to see life with a new purpose.

14 Signs You Aren’t Crazy, You Are Just Waking Up

Previously, the decisions you made in this life revolved largely around what would be best for you as an individual: how you can push yourself forward, earn more money or feel more pleasure in your daily routine.

However, as you experience your spiritual awakening, you will begin to see that you have been sent to this life for a greater purpose. Suddenly, everything you’ve found in this life will begin to be online, leading you to a very specific journey.

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4. Life on Earth begins to take on new meaning, as you realize that you have been sent to learn and grow.

Everything you experience here on Earth happens for a very specific reason. You have been sent here to learn, grow and evolve towards the best version of yourself, a process that is necessary for true spiritual awakening.

Instead of being upset or frustrated with life’s challenges, you begin to see them as opportunities.




5. You no longer fear silence.

Have you noticed that we, as a society, fear silence? It leaves us feeling alone and vulnerable, and in an effort to avoid this uncomfortable feeling we will find any possible way to fill it, including music and meaningless talk.

As you experience a spiritual awakening, you will discover that silence does not frighten you at all, in fact, it is a necessary time for self-reflection and organization in your life. You begin to embrace the rare moments of true loneliness.




6. The people you allow in your life begin to change.

14 Signs You Aren’t Crazy, You Are Just Waking Up

Not everyone experiences spiritual awakening at the same time in our lives, which often creates a division between us and those we once had nearby. It is a painful process, however, you will begin to recognize that you cannot force them to change and grow, they need to experience this process in their own time in the same way that you did.

However, at the same time, you cannot allow someone to hold you back from the purpose of your life and your new truth. Don’t worry, this may not be goodbye forever, it’s just a separate time until they experience this incredible stage of existence as well.




7. You begin to feel a deep connection with everything in the Universe.

If you have ever felt alone in this world, that is no longer the case. Instead of feeling like an individual alone in a crazy world, you suddenly start to see the Universe as a giant puzzle, of which you are simply a piece. So are planets, animals and more.

We are all connected in some way, and that connection is what makes everything work.

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8. In fact, taking it one step further, you think everything is One.

Let’s take a closer look at this connection. Not only do you recognize that everything is connected. Instead, recognizing the functioning of the Universe in all of us, you see that we are all one with the Universe on a spiritual level.

For this reason, we take great joy in each moment, recognizing even the smallest things that exist around us, such as how red a rose really is, or how calm the waves can be.




9. Life as you lived it no longer makes sense.

14 Signs You Aren’t Crazy, You Are Just Waking Up

You look back on your life before this moment and you no longer understand what you were thinking. Things that were once a high priority, such as fame and fortune, no longer carry the weight they had before.

You are off, but the habits that were once impossible to let go like smoking or extreme worry. Instead, you begin to see life as much bigger than just you and this moment.




10. You are no longer interested in meaningless talk.

There was once a day where you could talk for hours and hours about the latest sports team, whose celebrities are making headlines and more. However, as you begin to understand the larger picture of the universe, all these things begin to feel trivial.

Instead, you crave deep and meaningful conversations that challenge you spiritually and/or intellectually.




11. Honesty and authenticity become a priority in your life.

The things you once thought were “true” have now been questioned, and life as you know it has been turned upside down. As you begin to rediscover the truth and discover the authenticity of your life and the Universe, this will become something that you highly value.

Not only will you expect this from yourself but from everyone else you allow in your life.




12. You start feeling energized.

14 Signs You Aren’t Crazy, You Are Just Waking Up

As you begin to connect with the energy of the Universe, aligning your thoughts and actions with your greater purpose, this will lead to an increase in your energy levels.

When we align our journey with that of the universe, its energy will recharge us and drive us towards our common goal.

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13. Living a life of compassion, you give unconditionally to those in need.

A spiritual awakening will help you connect with your empathy, opening your eyes to the struggles and challenges of those around you. Although you recognize that you do not have the solution to all the problems of life, you know that you can make a difference in another life.

You believe you have been given your gifts, not for personal gain, but to make a difference in the lives of others.




14. You no longer fear death.

Finally, you begin to recognize that their life here on Earth is only one chapter of a much larger story. For this reason, you are not afraid of death because you are able to see that death is not really the end.

It is merely a change from one stage to another, as you move towards the spiritual plane.

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