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9 Signs Regularly Observed by People who Have a Powerful Spiritual Gift

If you want to know if you are intuitive, the first step is to accept that as an integral part of you. The more confidence you have on that innate ability, the stronger your intuition. The more you accept the idea that you are already getting advice, the stronger the messages will become, and that will probably make your life easier.

Notice if you have had any of the following experiences and what you can do to encourage them in a more powerful, positive and impactful way in your life.

Here are the 9 signs regularly observed by people who have a powerful spiritual gift:



1. Synchronicities


Have you ever heard that things always happen in threes?

When you see certain trends in your life, it is important to pay attention to them.

Two months after moving to a new town, a friend called me to tell me that he wanted us to do something about it. A week later, while I was thinking of my friend while preparing what we were going to do, I did not call him because I thought he would contact me as he had done the first time. I thought of him several times and I even dreamed of him. After the dream, I woke up knowing that I had to call him that day. But instead, I was shocked when I came across social media that morning seeing many messages in response to his abrupt demise.

Since this tragedy, every time I think of the person three times, I pick up the phone to call them. Most of the time, the person on the other end of the line is very happy to hear me.

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2. Dreams

Sleep is our most creative and vulnerable state, so dreams and visions are more easily manifested during this time.

We do not always know why we receive dreams, but if messages often come through them, it’s important to pay attention.




3. Visions

It may be an image that comes to you when you talk to someone, a premonition like in dreams, or it may just be a random image that appears in your mind. Premonitions are often a form of communication to protect you from danger.




4. Alarms at 3am

You thought about getting up early in the morning to go to the bathroom every morning, but that may be something else. Waking up regularly between 3 am and 4 am may indicate that spirits are trying to communicate with you.

This is often called “connection time”. If you wake up regularly at the same time every morning, sit back and greet the messages.




5. Nightmares


Nightmares usually occur with children because they are the most aware of the spirit world, often referring to imaginary friends or villains. When we sleep, we arrive at a state ” Delta and Theta ” similar to that of our children.

If spirits try to join you, they may try to wake you up gently at first, then become nightmares if it did not work.




6. The bright emotions

This is common to many people that do not understand it. Regularly, when we feel sensations, they are not ours, but those of someone else we know. There may even be a sharp pain.




7. Voices

Some people hear voices. Some feel the thought popping up in their minds, others feel an answer in their heart. No matter how you get the message, the important thing is that you know it. This can be very useful in all areas of your life.




8. Feelings

spiritual feelings

Be aware of when a situation is good or bad. For example, how do you feel in your body when you go out with your friends and laugh out loud?

Can you imagine the worst day of your life, how does your body feel during this moment? If you ask yourself questions regularly, you can better distinguish between good and bad feelings.




9. A pressure between the eyes

Before you become aware of your intuitive gift, you may begin to feel the pressure between your eyebrows. This is your 3rd eye, this is where you can receive messages and tips. Those who are clairvoyant will feel this pressure more. It is then about sharing or “thinking” about how you are ready to receive visions. Some people also see the color of others’ chakra by their 3rd eye.

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So, if you are curious about developing your intuitive abilities, greet them consciously in the experiences above. By becoming aware of various situations, you can practice gratitude for the experience. In a way, it’s almost like becoming aware of your subconscious.

Gratitude is the fastest way to increase your intuitive abilities, as it shows that you trust the guidance process.

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  1. Joyce Crawford

    Please! Someone tell me what 11:11 means. It is a number I have been very aware of throughout my life and I am 77 now.

  2. Robin

    It means you are on the right path

  3. Sharon Bonnetts

    I get the “Ebby Jeebies” which means something is going to happen. Recently I had them and my brother-in-law passed.

  4. Georgia

    A couple of years ago, I had a visit from 3 very important family members on the eve before my birthday-my dad and his parents (my grandma and grandpa) I felt very blessed for such a wonderful greeting on my birthday..

  5. Elaine Reed

    I knew my sister was going to pass away today. She just did. They didn’t expect her to last thus long.

    I knew something was very wrong when I couldn’t contact my husband at home. I started to make the two hour drive up to see him, just in case, but I didn’t. I should have. It might not have changed the outcome, but I would have felt much better. Instead I waited another day and asked his son to check on him. He was gone. Massive heart attack.

  6. Kari Renee

    Metatrons Cube

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