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7 Powerful Signs that Your Entire Life Is About to Change

The universe always gives us signs, whether we see them or not. When something is about to change, we tend to feel it, even though we can not really see what will happen.

Your life path will lead you to all kinds of twists and turns. As energies before you change, things in your life will begin to be different. Knowing the signs will help you really begin to understand when you are about to go through a loop.

Any changes you make will not be easy or positive, but they will all point you to where you need to be. Life works in a very mysterious way and you have to remember it no matter what happens. Whether you see numbers repeating themselves or meeting more animals than usual, the signs should be clear.

7 signs that your whole life is about to change:



1. You open more and more.

When change is coming, you may be more comfortable opening and being yourself.

You will reveal to others a part of yourself that you would not otherwise have.

You are no longer closing yourself off. Some of your most hidden sides are entering the light.




2. Numbers become more and more important in your life.

When the change comes, you may notice more synchronistic events.

You could find repetitive numbers in everything you do and if that happens, you should look at those numbers.

Numbers all have their own meaning and numerology plays an important role in all our lives.




3. You feel as lost in your current state.

When the change comes, you will feel completely lost. You will not know where you are going and this may disconcert you. 

Although this is a problem with which you will have difficulties, as time goes on, things will make more sense.

There is nothing wrong with getting lost from time to time.




4. Your emotions are much more intense than usual.

When change comes, your emotions will become intense. You will feel more and depending on the emotions to come, it could really hurt.

Just remember to embrace each emotion as it emerges and not to bottle any.

By addressing them and passing to the other emotion, you treat them without giving them the power.




5. You begin to see what you do not want.

When the change comes, you will begin to see exactly what you do not want in your life and who is holding you back. 

All negative things will be highlighted.

Cutting links and moving on will not be easy, but it is more important than you probably think.




6. Your dreams bring you messages, whether you can interpret them or not.

When change happens, you may notice a lot of messages in your dreams. Your dreams are a way for the universe and the spiritual world itself to contact you. 

The more vivid and marked your dreams are, the more you should examine them.

You never know what messages might be hiding in them.




7. You can feel the energies grow around you.

When the changes happen you can really feel the energies.

Although you may not know what will happen, you may feel that the energies around you are fluctuating. This can be quite confusing and frustrating.

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