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Are you Emotionally Intelligent? 11 Signs of Great Emotional Intelligence

IQ is generally used to evaluate how smart we are, but there are many different types of intelligence. I would say that there are the emotional, social intelligence and spiritual intelligence of others or interpersonal.

Emotional intelligence has been popularized by Daniel Goleman and refers to a person’s ability to perceive the emotions and feelings of others, as well as to understand their own emotions. Some say it’s an innate trait, others believe that your emotional intelligence can be enhanced over time with practice.

Emotional intelligence was introduced to the public in 1964 by Michael Beldoch. It refers to an individual’s ability to recognize their emotions, as well as those of others.

An emotionally intelligent person can qualify and prioritize the variations in his feelings. Below we have taken common traits of people with great emotional intelligence.


1. You are not afraid of the future.

Emotionally intelligent people are not obsessed with events that are out of their control. They are comfortable living in a world that is not predicted with a crystal ball because life is supposed to be an exciting adventure (not a scripted routine).


2. You are at peace with the past.

We can not change what has already happened. You strive to keep in mind the limits of your influence. You focus on the present moment, hoping for a better future. In the same vein, you try not to over expect a company or a person.


3. You know how and when to say no.

It’s a very important skill. We must succeed in rejecting all formations and unhealthy people or those who do not lead to success and happiness. It takes more than the strength of will to say no. The use of tact helps to enforce your decisions.

You do your best to be clear in your words and actions, taking the time to explain. You can not even accept the wrong things you are trying to convince yourself.


4. You recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

You are hyper-aware of yourself. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You are humble about your strengths and you are not ashamed of your weaknesses. If you do not know the details of your personality, you will not do too much and you will prepare for failure.


5. You know how to define people’s character.

Your awareness and common sense sharpen your self-awareness, which easily translates into the qualities and details of the intentions and personality of others.

When others try to hide information about themselves, you are aware of the absence of real exchange. Even if you can not always be able to see what they hide, you are at least aware of their lie.


6. You welcome the change.

Emotionally intelligent people are professionals of adaptation and flexibility. You do not fear the future, you have confidence in your abilities. You know that you are able to take on any challenge.


7. You are naturally curious about other people.

This does not interest you just because people are fascinating, by getting to know others, you will gain more knowledge from different points of view. This knowledge stimulates your own ability to evolve as well as your ability to express yourself.


8. You identify and remove toxic people.

There are enough suffering and negativity in the world. The people you choose to count on and who you want to interact with are positive. We can not always avoid toxic people.

When you have to interact with, you control yourself and you welcome their remarks with a certain skepticism.


9. You pay attention to your diet and your rest.

Having a good diet and adequate rest improves the emotional and mental state. Your relationship with these elements is healthy and well moderated.


10. You appreciate what you have.

People with great emotional intelligence can identify and are actively thankful for their blessings. You see how the practice of recognition improves your quality of life.


11. You are able to understand why you are upset.

You do not let negativity take over your mind. You are a real detective exploring his environment, looking for clues that will reveal why you feel like this and (most importantly) see what you can do to improve the situation.


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